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6 measures to be successful in retail in 2018. What Magister specialists will recommend
25 January 2018

The end of 2017 brought new information regarding the completion of the procedures for connecting the cash registers to the ANAF server, and the Government issued Decision no. 804 on the law of new cash registers.

According to the data provided by the Ministry of Public Finance, in the Romanian trade, as a result of the regulations regarding the AMEF models imposed by ANAF (mandatory on June 1, 2018 for medium and large companies, and from August 1, 2018, for small ones), to introduce about one million fiscal cash registers and service units.

The change of technology entails, implicitly, the change of hardware equipment. Given the tight deadline set by the Government for replacing old cash registers with new models, traders must prepare in advance for the transition to those with an electronic diary.

How can you ensure an easy implementation of the new AMEFs and, at the same time, to be successful in retail in 2018? there it is 6 essential recommendations , offered by Magister specialists:

  1. Prosecutor will equipment and software required on the basis of efficiency criteria, not according to costs. If the new law requires you to upgrade technically, take the opportunity to rethink your business strategy and improve your operations. You will be convinced, in the medium and long term, that it was well worth it.
  2. Digitization and control of information allows you to purchase equipment with connection functions to tablets, phones and other technologies.
    In order to feasibly implement the new regulations, we offer a wide range of fiscal equipment, electronic scales, thermal printers, POS systems , barcode readers, money counting machines , price markers, consumables, etc., bundled with software solutions developed in collaboration with local manufacturers. You discover them here !
  3. Choose the first complete fiscal package and avoid financial losses and disruption of business
    Proper management and efficient management are currently equivalent to specialized software solutions for modern commerce. Therefore, we have developed, in collaboration with domestic producers of fiscal equipment, the first complete fiscal package, produced entirely in Romania and adapted to the methodological norms recently approved by GD No. 804/2017.
    The proposed solution, built from the new version of SmartCash POS 6, is approved for distribution based on the old legislation of cash registers, in two variants, and already includes most of the functionalities required by the new legislation. Thus, at the time of launching the new cash register models and the re-approval of the current ones based on the new legislation, you will benefit from the firmware upgrade, as well as the update to the latest SmartCash POS version available free of charge for all users SmartCash with valid subscriptions to the update system of our platform.
  4. Choose turnkey solutions for a competitive and high-performance business, in accordance with the legislation in force
    Created from the very beginning to facilitate the centralization of information, SmartCash RMS is the only solution specially dedicated to retailers in Romania (regardless of the niche of activity), already adapted to the legislation in force. SmartCash RMS works just as well for a single store merchant as it does for an extended and growing network. And a well-managed network develops more efficiently and is more profitable, thus supporting a long-term strategy.
  5. Opt for scalable solutions that support your development goals.
    For store chains, Magister has created the specialized application SmartCash Enterprise , which includes the centralized management of the chain of stores in terms of commercial and personnel control, ensuring the permanent monitoring of the activity of the chain of stores. Among the features developed in the new version are a better centralization of supply orders, control of goods in transit, as well as unparalleled logistics integration with online shopping platforms. And perhaps the most important advantage is that, as you open new stores, you will be able to easily implement the SmartCash RMS solution in all units. No unnecessary investments in other equipment, no procrastination and problems.
  6. Offer to customers modern means of payment .

Customers of stores and store networks that use the SmartCash POS solution have the opportunity, starting with version 6 of the SmartCash RMS platform, to make payments with the electronic wallet through MobilPay. The MobilPay Wallet application, developed by Netopia, has been successfully integrated into the SmartCash RMS platform, and the advantage of this application is that it can be used by customers of any bank.

Therefore, we recommend that you already purchase the complete package from Magister, with fiscal equipment and compatible software, adapted to independent traders, suppliers of HoReCa products and services, as well as to commercial networks with a large number of units.

Do you want to prepare already for the new requirements and trends in retail? The Magister team is at your disposal with software, equipment and specialists ready to offer you complete solutions, adapted to your business. no matter in which retail niche you are activated!


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