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A new success in improving and certifying retail professionals
19 June 2022

Join the Certified Magister Partner Program!

The latest edition of the Certified Magister Partner program – the only continuous improvement project for retail professionals in Romania – has come to an end, bringing together this year both new partners and developments among existing ones.

The program, open to all specialists and providers of retail solutions in the country, aims to improve and certify the staff of the profile companies according to unitary standards, for the specializations: SmartCash solutions installation and maintenance technician, SmartCash authorized trainer, SmartCash solutions consultant and SmartCash retail solutions analyst .

In turn, the companies participating in the program, whose employees are professionally licensed, can be certified as Magister partners on three levels: Installation Center, Authorized Training and Intervention Center and Authorized Service and Technical Support Center.

The evaluation takes place annually, in the spring, and the courses and tests dedicated to the participants in the program take place online, on the SmartCash Community platform, the licenses being valid until the spring of the following year.

At the end of the 2022-2023 edition, 140 people participated, of which 15 people were at the first participation. Following the evaluations, 79 licenses were issued to SmartCash solution consultants, 109 to SmartCash solution installation and maintenance technicians, and 98 licenses to SmartCash RMS licensed trainers.

At the same time, 35 partner companies participated, the network of Magister professionals with national coverage currently counting:

5 Authorized installation centers:

  • Neumann Computers SRL
  • Rel Syspro SRL
  • ECR Masters SRL
  • Cristian Case de Marcat SRL
  • Aldav Fiscal Online SRL

26 Authorized training and intervention centers:

  • Best Birotica SRL
  • Birotech Pres SRL
  • Blu Conect SRL
  • Cyber Knowledge SRL
  • Detect Serv SRL
  • Elcate SRL
  • Emsys SRL
  • Erika Power Systems SRL
  • Fiscal Online SRL
  • Fiscal Service SRL
  • Fisc Consulting SRL
  • GB Service SRL
  • Iruc ECR & Software SRL
  • IIRUC Service SA
  • IRMEB Servicii SRL SRL
  • Leu Grup SRL
  • Nicmar Soft IF
  • Ram-Tech Datanetwork SRL
  • Ready SRL
  • Scale Expert SRL
  • Scan Expert SRL
  • SGI Service SRL
  • Vec Impex SRL
  • WBI Data SRL
  • MC Service Systems SRL
  • Tehnoserv SRL

5 Authorized Service and Support Centers – Highest Certification Level in the Program:

  • Magister Software – Bucharest
  • ECR Systems – Craiova
  • Inita 1996 – Iași
  • Simon Electronics – Satu-Mare
  • Velvet Com – Bacău

Compared to the previous edition, the program has both new partners and developments.

From the total number of companies, certified this year, we have 6 new companies entered in the certification program that have obtained level 1 and level 2 certifications for Magister solutions.

We have added 3 new partner companies, at the beginning of the road, with the right to provide authorized installation services for Magister solutions, as Authorized Installation Centers, level 1 certification, as follows:

  • ECR Masters SRL
  • Cristian Case de Marcat SRL
  • Aldav Fiscal Online SRL

In the portfolio of Authorized Training and Intervention Centers, level 2 certification, 3 other companies join:

  • Iruc ECR & Software SRL
  • MC Service Systems SRL
  • Tehnoserv SRL

“We congratulate all the participants for the results obtained and we are glad that, together, we can contribute to the improvement of the staff in the field of retail solutions. At the same time, through our network of professionals, with national coverage, we offer to the traders, at national level, high-performance services ” , declares Mihaela Petcu, National Sales Manager within the Magister Software company.

The Magister Certified Partner Program continues with a new edition, to which all retail solution providers eager to market the SmartCash RMS software suite are invited to join.


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