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All-in-One POS systems – the secret of a successful retail business
11 September 2018

We know that this year has come with many challenges for traders, along with the legislation that requires the endowment with the new AMEF. As usual, however, there is good news: whether we like the change or not, we can use this opportunity to strengthen our retail business, streamlining store operations and increasing sales. How? Here are some tips.

Undoubtedly, for small traders (and not only), the cost of equipment is an important factor in the purchase decision. Even more important is the quality-price ratio. What equipment to choose to take advantage Magister specialists tell you:

Which POS terminals to choose and how their functionalities influence the activity in the store

Today, most buyers are busy and in a hurry, they do not have the patience to wait in line. This is why we recommend it, especially when you have others in the area shops competitor, sa choose a POS system efficient and fast . For example, the SP-550 and SP-850 All-in-One POS systems, which are distinguished by state-of-the-art technology and an elegant design, have a reduced consumption energy and accelerates the sales process, thus being the ideal solution for traders who carry out activities in spaces with heavy traffic and high sales volume.

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Sistemul POS Touchscreen Partner SP850
Sistemul POS Touchscreen Partner SP850

The efficiency and high level of performance are given by the Intel Celeron J1900 2.0 GHZ Quad Core processor, lack of ventilation system, protection class (IP 44) against moisture, liquids and dust and the quality of the material from which it is made. The SP-850 model stands out with a black die-cast aluminum housing, with a protection class IP54 tolerant to dust and liquids, a quality that it successfully recommends in aggressive work environments. The 15 ‘capacitive multi-touch screen mounted without frame, has protection class IP 66, a native resolution of 1024×768 px, brightness of 350 cd / sqm and an angle of inclination from 0 to 90.

Sistemul POS Touchscreen Partner SP550 - Unboxing
Sistemul POS Touchscreen Partner SP550 - Unboxing

In order for the sales to go smoothly and to ensure the desired results, install a software solution on the new AMEF equipment SmartCash POS , which offers all the functionalities indispensable for modern trade – of course, adapted to the profile and dimensions of your business.

Specifically, a high-performance management solution integrated with hardware equipment, specially designed to combine quality with innovation, such as the POS All-in-One SP-550 or SP-850 POS system, streamlines in-store operations and improves customer shopping experience . Thus, you encourage them to spend more and return to the store with pleasure, you can even use the program SmartCash Fidelity , to create special promotions and offers meant to keep your customers close.

Did you know that you benefit from super advantageous prices when purchasing the SmartCash RMS solution together with the fiscal cash registers in SmartCash 360 promotional package? Take advantage now!

For more information on POS models and the new electronic fiscal cash registers in the Magister Software offer, visit www.smartpos.ro.


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