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Angst chooses Magister solutions for its own store network
25 November 2019
In October 2019, a new butcher shop belonging to the Angst group was opened in Bucharest, located on 113 Lacul Tei Boulevard.
In order to ensure an optimal flow of operations and an efficient management, the well-known manufacturer’s network has chosen to integrate a Magister turnkey solution, which ensures all the functionalities necessary for a modern butchery:
  • receipt of the goods from own warehouse or through third party suppliers;
  • control of daily operations related to stocks, sales, personal management, etc.
  • checking stocks in stores through a specialized control body;

More than retail software, the integrated Magister solution also provides BI (business intelligence) functionality essential to any manager.

Why did Angst choose an automated management software tool? Here are some reasons that contributed to this decision:

  • according to the expansion strategy, the complex activity carried out in the Angst network will increase with the increase of the number of stores until the end of 2020;
  • the activity in the shopping center imposes a robust, but also versatile solution, which would allow both the synchronization between the units and the extension of the network with 17 new stores, according to Angst’s development plans;
  • the possibility to manage a huge number of items from the manufacturer’s offer, for various types of consumers – from traditionalists to the pretentious, but who do not have much time to cook or want to spend it other than in the kitchen;
  • the need to introduce a traceability solution on the butchery area, in accordance with the new standards of the European Union;
  • inaugurating a store concept that combines tradition and experience in an offer that meets the most demanding and newest consumer requirements;
  • the desire to offer customers a delicious experience (literally) and immediate access to versatile, carefully selected products every day.
Thus, with the help of the Magister solution for retail networks, Angst management can quickly adapt to market requirements and provides consumers, in addition to the quality and variety that have established the brand, a pleasant shopping experience, demonstrating its performance even in a market with fierce competition.
The Angst group of companies includes 3 production units, respectively Angst Ro SRL (boiled-smoked products factory), Angst Bistro SRL (gastronomy and ready-meal) and Salsi SA -Sinaia (raw-dried products), and has approximately 575 employees.


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