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21 November 2019

At the end of a year rich in achievements, we are preparing for a new stage of development – already announced at the beginning of 2019, through the rebranding process in which we presented our new visual identity.

At the National Magister Conference 2019, held between November 1-3 this year at the Ana Hotels Complex in Poiana Brasov, we presented to the partners – present in large numbers and this time – our plans for the next period, respectively the program “Integrator Magister ”, In which we will capitalize on the experience of two decades by expanding the area of activity to other business areas.

We have already made history together on the retail solutions market in Romania, the suite of SmartCash RMS software applications being appreciated and implemented throughout the country. We are ready for new ambitious projects: through the new business strategy, we expand our portfolio of solutions and services and offer businesses all the necessary resources to develop in accordance not only with current standards, but also with the requirements of the future.

How do we do that? We automate processes by integrating the best applications and equipment in a unitary project management, focused on customer needs.

The new directions of development Magister targets the most diverse fields: production, warehousing & distribution, logistics, services & supply, finance & human resources and, last but not least, retail, where we already have a well-established position on the market of specialized solutions. In short, from now on, we offer turnkey solutions for any business that wants to become more efficient and profitable, regardless of the field, size, challenges or objectives.

We provide companies with the best equipment and solutions, along with, of course, our skills. The approach is unique, as is every business, in fact: turnkey solutions will be specially developed, selected, configured and implemented according to the specific needs of each company, starting with business analysis to evaluate results and optimization suggestions for the following stages of development.

Of course, as in any large family, change involves us all, and partners will have, regardless of the level of certification, a major role in implementing these plans.

For 2020 we plan a series of changes meant to make our activity more efficient and to bring us even closer to the clients’ wishes:

All SmartCash RMS 2020 distribution versions (Lite, Standard, Cluster, Professional, Enterprise and HQ) will be redesigned to better meet the needs of different business categories.

  • Gradually, we will adopt the on-premise installation model, with centralized validation of usage licenses.
  • We will launch new POS versions and fixed or mobile applications for Self Check-Out, Self Invoicing, Self Scanning, etc. services.
  • The SmartCash Oxygen application will be migrated to QlikSense Server, and a new platform will be introduced for local low-cost customers: Power BI from Microsoft. A set of tests (with reduced functionality) will also be available on Power BI.

But because Magister no longer just means SmartCash RMS and related services, we are now focusing on diversifying and expanding our portfolio of applications and services. Remember: the key word is INTEGRATION !

We end the year with gratitude for the beautiful results we have achieved together and with the confidence that we will achieve even better performance in the new Integrator Magister stage. Let’s have growth and success!

Conferinta Nationala Magister 2019

Conferinta Nationala Magister 2019


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