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Automatic validation of the age limit by artificial intelligence in the Magister ECO self-checkout system
19 June 2022

Implement the Magister ECO self-checkout system, with automatic validation of the age limit!

April saw the launch of a new feature for the Magister ECO self-checkout system. Using artificial intelligence, the new feature allows the automatic recognition of the age limit of the buyers, when marketing products that require, according to the law, the verification of the minimum required age of 18 years. A premiere on the Romanian market, this process simplifies the work of the staff, automates and streamlines the operations in the store, and for the buyers, it shortens the time spent at the cash register .

In March 2021 we launched Magister Easy CheckOut (ECO), the first complete self-checkout system manufactured entirely in Romania. Equipped with the latest technology in the field, Magister ECO integrates all the automation, protection, interface and control systems necessary for integration into any retail operating flow. In addition, the system can be customized according to the needs or design of each store.

Save as much time as possible for your customers! Implement the Magister ECO self-checkout system, with automatic validation of the age limit!

Magister ECO quickly attracted attention in the market, offering all the hardware and software features specific to modern commerce: bioptic barcode reader, high-precision scale, scratch-resistant all-in-one touchscreen PC terminal, the function of Free / Busy signaling , multi-channel controller that automatically controls the opening or closing the gates after issuing the tax receipt , multiple payment options (bank card or cryptocurrency), light warning system for products whose sale to minors is prohibited by law.

Magister Easy Checkout
Magister Easy Checkout

Now, a year from launching the self-checkout system , we raised the bar by introducing a new feature: when selecting products with age limit (minimum 18 years, for tobacco and alcohol), age verification is performed automatically, through the webcam mounted at the cash register, synchronized with artificial intelligence features built into the software application SmartCash POS Enterprise , which allows the automatic identification of facial physiognomy parameters.
Thus, the detection lasts less than a second and saves the maintenance staff from repetitive confirmations of the customers’ age, as was the case until recently.

The function of automatic validation of the age limit by artificial intelligence, integrated in the new Magister ECO systems, is one of the main novelties of the SmartCash RMS 2022 version and represents an important innovation on the Romanian retail solutions market, confirming both the potential of the national market. as well as the openness of Romanian traders to trends in the field.


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