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Barta Ati, the most well-known local retail network in the NV of the country, chooses Magister Easy CheckOut
19 June 2022

Barta Ati, the best known retailer in Satu Mare, recently opened a new store in the CBA network.

The store is equipped with all the equipment and software solutions necessary for modern commerce, including the Magister ECO self checkout . Magister’s innovation, the first self-check-out system made entirely in Romania, completes the suite of conventional cash registers available in the Barta Ati supermarket and allows customers to quickly pay for their purchases, in line with global retail trends.

Located on Careiului Street in Satu Mare, the new Barta Ati store has a sales area of 300 m² and sells both food and non-food products.

Founded in 1994, the company has both a retail network and its own franchise program and is one of the longest-lived and most valued in the northwest of the country. The company sells over 20,000 SKUs. Of these, a large share is held in beverages, staple foods, preserves, sweets, cigarettes, coffee and other product categories (including own brand).

Currently, the network has 2 large warehouses, 4 cash & carry, 19 stores , totaling a sales area of over 6,000 sqm , as well as 240 employees . It also works with 1,200 partners, including local producers and suppliers of fresh goods – a competitive advantage in attracting and retaining customers. Recently, the company announced that it will invest over 5 million euros in a new modern warehouse, of 10,000 sqm, which would allow it to expand to 30 stores.

Retail efficiency and development with SmartCash

Considering the size of the business and the established position on the local market, the network ensures its proper functioning and expansion using modern management and automation solutions. Barta Ati has been using SmartCash solutions since 2013. As the business grows and new consumer behaviors emerge. Technology and digitization are proving indispensable for streamlining store operations, accelerating sales and controlling the business.

That’s why Barta Ati managers have chosen to implement complete solutions, capable of managing all components of the business: the SmartCash RMS software platform and the Magister Easy CheckOut system.

Thus, the turnkey solution installed in the new Barta Ati store includes hardware-software equipment for both the central store and for each unit in the network as well as all the functionalities necessary for a high-performance activity in the cash & carry trade and food distribution:

  • distributed management and centralized control for sales prices and policies, product portfolio and assortment;
  • operational control over store stocks;
  • a certain pattern of supply of stores in warehouses;
  • automated inventory with specialized mobile terminals.

How does the SmartCash RMS software platform and Magister Easy CheckOut work?

The Magister ECO Self Check-out system implemented in the new Barta Ati store in str. Careiului, Satu Mare, has all the necessary hardware and software equipment in retail:

  • bioptic barcode reader;
  • high precision scale;
  • scratch-resistant all-in-one touchscreen PC terminal even in heavy use conditions;
  • Free / Busy signaling function;
  • multi-channel controller that automatically commands the opening or closing of the gates after the issuance of the fiscal receipt;
  • multiple payment options (bank card or cryptocurrency);
  • light warning system for products whose sale to minors is prohibited, according to the law, and more recently, the automatic validation of the age limit through artificial intelligence functions, to streamline self-checkout transactions.

Magister ECO Self CheckOut has become increasingly popular with retailers. At the same time, it is extremely useful especially in the last two years, to avoid congestion at home, to keep distance from others, employees of the hypermarket or other buyers – in other words, to stay as safe as possible. And most importantly, the system reduces queuing time and gives you full control over the entire shopping process.

Training and instruction on the use of the Magister ECO self checkout solution

We are in the century of speed, and time is an important factor for each of us. The Barta Ati supermarket in Careiului is in line with the standards of the national network and has self checkout houses, in addition to the usual ones, just to help customers who may be in a hurry, may not want to queue at traditional houses or who simply prefers the advantages of technology. Magister ECO works on the basis of a simple system, but especially intuitive for anyone, and customers have the assistance of Barta Ati employees at all times.”Said Stefan Simon , administrator of Simon Electronics SRL , Magister certified partner .

The installation of the solution and the training of the store staff were carried out by colleagues from Simon Electronics, Certified Magister Partner .

The company Simon Electronics SRL from the national network of certified partners Magister provided, under the coordination of the logistics and technical support center in Bucharest, the installation services, training and constant support.

Not surprisingly, process automation will benefit in many ways. With operational, logistical and financial impact.

We congratulate Barta Ati for the evolution, we thank him for choosing us and we wish him a lot of success and increase in sales with Magister ECO!


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