Diana Ionescu
CrisTim – 10 years of excellence in production and retail, supported by SmartCash
15 September 2020

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, Piata Sudului from Berceni, Bucharest, reopened in a new, modernized and technological version. Buyers in the area now have a new store of the sausage manufacturer CrisTim. At the same time, this inauguration is, for us, an occasion to celebrate a long-lived collaboration: it is 10 years since the company uses, in its own store network, our software solution, SmartCash Retail Management System.

The network sells almost exclusively its own products, CrisTim being one of the oldest and most appreciated Romanian businesses, with a history of over 25 years.

The stores provide service assistance, and the network has distributed management and centralized control, applied for: sales prices and policies, product portfolio and assortment, inventory control in stores and the supply pattern of stores, respectively. Specifically, the stock of stores is loaded from the plant, by automated transfer, inside the network. Inventory of stock in stores is done automatically, with the help of mobile terminals and specific applications – SmartCash functionalities offer benefits for both buyers, sales staff, and for managers who supervise the activity.

The software solution implemented in the CrisTim network includes applications such as SmartCash Enterprise in the central store and the SmartCash Professional version in each unit in the network.

At the same time, Cris-Tim offers benefits to loyal customers through the specific SmartCash Fidelity application and uses the SmartCash Oxygen Enterprise version, for the advantages provided by online business management and other business intelligence (BI) facilities.

Click to see the complete hardware-software sketch of the network: https://www.magister.ro/portfolio/retea-magazine-cristim/

Congratulations, thank you for your long-term collaboration and good luck in the future!


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