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Free Magister webinar – find out what’s new and take advantage of the new SmartCash features!
31 July 2020

Good to find! As we announce on our social media pages, we recently launched the Magister webinar through Zoom, where we present the new functionalities available on the SmartCash RMS platform – the most widespread software solution for retail in Romania.

In the most recent webinar, held on Wednesday, July 29, we addressed the news of SmartCash RMS, respectively:

  • Happy Hour promotions have undergone changes – now they can be allocated more simultaneously for the same time intervals even if they contain the same items (whoever defines them must ensure that they do not overlap). If there are several promotions valid for an article, only the one with the start date closer to the current day is automatically applied;
  • History has been added for the negotiated purchase prices and the ratio of negotiated prices by departments / classes has been modified so as to include the archived prices. Also, the mechanism for saving the purchase price in the stock correction documents was implemented;
  • Now you have directly available in SmartCash POS the functions of Return Payment and Settlement for transactions through GPE bank payment terminals;
  • The control interface for fiscal reporting has been restructured;
  • A new task has been implemented to centralize the end-of-month stock based on the calculated deposit sheets;
  • We have introduced support for the multi-instance login mode per application;
  • At the same time, the integration of SmartCash RMS with the applications was achieved Saga, WizCount, Transart BOrg, WinMentor and other applications through REST API .

If you did not manage to participate live in the webinars, we invite you to log on to the SmartCash Community platform and follow them in the section Past meetings . Registrations are valid for 7 days and are free.

To have access to the webinar you must register on our platform, SmartCash Community and join the group SmartCash RMS users . Access to this group is free for any registered user.


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