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Gintlup increases operational process efficiency by 30%
19 June 2022

Gintlup supermarket LaDoiPasi opts for efficient and automated logistics processes with SmartCash RMS

Increased operational efficiency, process simplification and cost reduction are among the top benefits of digitization from a management perspective, in the LaDoiPasi Gintlup supermarket in Craiova, Dolj County. The implementation of the SmartCash RMS solution ensures the automated transmission of information and brings an extra efficiency for each process.

Gintlup Supermarket has opted for the fastest automated data exchange interface with the vendor, fully integrating the Web API interface, the METRO logistics platform and the SmartCash RMS specialized retail management solution.

Synchronizing the product catalog with the items listed by METRO

Automatic synchronization with the METRO product portfolio and receipt of invoices issued to the merchant is ensured by integration with the METRO API .

Receipt of goods is done through an intelligent assistant and automatically takes over the costs for all items, regardless of how the invoice is calculated.

The customer wanted to synchronize the product catalog with the items listed by METRO. This process is embedded in the SmartCash RMS automated process manager. The process is available for all versions of SmartCash Shop and in SmartCash HQ Multistore. To activate this module, a SmartCash METRO Gateway license has been purchased for each store.

Reduction of up to 50% of product inventory time

Themis Android® 10 mobile data collection terminals, along with the SmartCash Mobility suite of applications, are used in a variety of fields, including retail, Horeca, supply, distribution, logistics, warehouse management, food security, government and public utility applications.

The use of the Themis mobile solution, together with SmartCash Mobility , in the inventory of products in the Gintlup supermarket, has considerably reduced the time required for making receptions. At the same time, the use of the terminal also reduced the time allocated to the transfer of goods, an operation that has become frequently used.

SmartCash POS card payment – an indispensable payment tool among merchants

The new SmartCash POS card sales and payment system, launched by Magister, has become an indispensable payment tool among merchants. Payment by card is the ideal option for retailers with supermarket stores such as Gintlup, in Dolj County.

Following the example of other users of the SmartCash POS card payment system, Gintlup chose the online SmartCash POS card payment system. The customer purchased the PAX Q30 pin-pad, along with the latest generation payment services from Viva Wallet.

Thus, the entire solution of selling and paying with the card works uniformly and the merchant benefits from the advantage of installation and maintenance offered directly by the company Magister. The banking terminal thus becomes a natural extension of the POS system completely controlled by the sales application.

At the same time, all the necessary information for customers or cashiers is printed directly on the tax printer, reducing the costs associated with consumables.

Customer success depends on the success and development of the business

Customer satisfaction not only measures the success of your company’s products and services, but also provides information to help you identify opportunities to improve your organization’s products, processes, and features that are valued by customers and serve your goals.

The Gintlup supermarket has a complete sales and store management solution. The SmartCash solution is integrated with the specific hardware equipment provided by our company. The equipment provided is, among others, back-office touchscreen POS systems, with secondary touchscreen display, capable of taking inputs from customers.

The merchant also opted for the Magister Customer Feedback application, a function available through Media Display within the SmartCash POS application. The function measures customer satisfaction immediately after interacting with staff.

Aplicatia Feedback Clienti Magister
Aplicatia Feedback Clienti Magister

Process automation brings benefits from several points of view, at the operational, logistical and financial level. Real-time access to data and increased control over revenues and costs simplifies the activity of employees within the Gintlup SRL store. The solution ensures the necessary transparency in the relationship with the METRO LaDoiPasi franchisor and offers the trader the essential data and functions to make informed and prompt decisions in business management.


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