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How Barta Ati has grown in over 25 years. SmartCash, part of the company’s success
11 August 2020

Barta Ati has grown, in over 25 years, from a small family business to one of the largest retail companies in northwestern Romania – an evolution from which many traders have to learn.

In 1994, while the local trade was still making its way through the transition, a young entrepreneur from Satmar started a small family business. After several years of itinerant trade, he opened, in 1998, the first grocery store. It is constantly developing, building a network of stores, and in 2001 it started to sell wholesale through a 400 sq m warehouse. In 2015, the company acquired a logistics platform, expanding the storage area by over 3,000 square meters, which allowed the development of distribution capacity. The results were not long in coming: in 2019, Barta Ati had a turnover of 62 million lei, increasing by 12% compared to 2018.

Currently, the network has 18 stores, of which 3 are cash & carry, totaling a sales area of over 6,000 sqm. The company sells over 12,000 SKUs and, being part of the CBA franchise, also has a wide range of own brand products, highly appreciated by consumers. Also for customer satisfaction, Barta Ati collaborates with local producers and suppliers of fresh goods.

Investments in technology have not been neglected either: in order to efficiently manage the stores and to transfer the goods from the logistics platform to the stores, the company has implemented specialized software solutions.

In the desire to increase the efficiency of the operations carried out and to obtain their increased visibility, Barta Ati managers sought to implement complete solutions, capable of managing all components of the business. Currently, over 20,000 products sold through 2 large warehouses, 3 cash & carry and 14 stores are managed “, states Mr. Dorgai Szabolcs, Director of Barta Ati Magazine Network.

The solution? SmartCash Enterprise

For an efficient management of network sales and stocks, Barta Ati chose, in 2013, our software solution for complex retail networks, SmartCash Enterprise.

The installed solution offers all the necessary functionalities for a high-performance activity in the retail network with specific cash & carry and food and beverage distribution and includes hardware-software endowments both for the central store and for each unit in the network, taking into account the profile and business size.

Having distributed management and centralized control for prices and sales policies, product portfolio and assortment, operational control of in-store stocks and a certain pattern of store supply, mobile terminals are used for automated inventory.

More information about Barta You can find out from this article: https://jurnaluldeafaceri.ro/barta-ati-de-la-o-afacere-de-familie-la-o-companie-de-succes/


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