Diana Ionescu
How to retain your customers. Implementing customized retail programs
18 January 2018

In a constantly changing world, the retail world imposes new trends in terms of consumer loyalty, whose purchasing decisions are increasingly based on emotional criteria, not rational ones.

According to studies, millennials (Millenials or generation Y, as they are also called, generically, those born after 1980) are the most difficult consumers to retain, because they behave differently in terms of consumption, they have different types of purchase compared to their parents. , they do not have patience, they inform themselves online, they are influenced by the interaction with the brands, approximately 49% give up advertising, considering it irrelevant (eg they unsubscribe from the newsletter), and 68% consider that online advertising is annoying.

New demographic trends and especially millennial preferences have stimulated the development and retail implementation of customized loyalty programs, such as SmartCash Fidelity 2.0, which allows merchants, users of the solution, to create and implement their own loyalty programs in physical stores.

So, do you want to stay in the top of customer preferences and convince them to return to stores? Here are some tips in this regard:

  • Respond promptly to market trends;
  • Offer the best value for money;
  • Use loyalty programs;
  • Provide buyers with high-performance services and facilities specific to modern commerce, such as various payment methods, payment of invoices, issuance of cash from the card and affiliation to shopping reward systems. Now, such services are available regardless of the size of the business and the niche of activity, so it would be a shame not to use them as an asset in attracting and retaining customers.

The simplest customer loyalty model available, developed by Magister Software, allows the management of data about them, as well as the implementation of comprehensive customer loyalty policies. For example, the competitive advantage offered by SmartCash Fidelity helps you attract and get to know customers and also constantly give them reasons to return to the store through various promotions (structured according to various criteria – day, time interval, birthdays or names etc.) meant to increase your revenues. More information is available here: What is SmartCash Fidelity?

In the fierce battle with the competition, the integration of a high-performance, complex and, at the same time, stable and versatile solution, such as SmartCash Fidelity, can help you optimize both internal organization processes and sales flow to customer satisfaction, who will have a better experience. good shopping and, at the same time, with a positive effect on profit. For a customized loyalty solution, integrated with the other software programs already implemented, contact Magister specialists!


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