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IdealSFA and IdealWMS distribution and logistics integrated in Magister solutions
16 December 2019

The National Magister 2019 Conference, held on the weekend of November 1-3 this year in the Ana Hotels complex in Poiana Brasov, offered us the opportunity to discuss various aspects of the new Magister Integrator program, including distribution and logistics.

An edifying presentation in this regard was given by Marius Constantin, General Manager of Donau SRL, who told us about IdealSFA and IdealWMS – two specialized solutions for automation of distribution management and logistics, respectively solutions now integrated in the portfolio Magister.

IdealSFA and IdealWMS streamline business processes, as follows:

  • Ideally, SFA automates time-consuming operations in the distribution process: thus, the sales team quickly processes deliveries, has immediate access to information about orders, customer history and their balances and manages all processes on the same platform;
  • The Ideal WMS solution aims at automating and organizing warehouses, being suitable for production activities, online or direct sales, retail or wholesale sales. It facilitates inventory, has a common interface with the management program and offers quick access to product information (name, stock, price, lots, expiration date, warehouse location, number of pieces in the box, etc.).

“It is very good to unite our efforts and knowledge in the idea of offering customers the best solutions and the best information in the projects we participate in together”, considers Marius Constantin about the Integrator Magister program.

Watch the interview given by Marius at the end of the event.

IdealSFA si IdealWMS distributia si logistica, Marius Constantin, General Manager, Donau SRL
IdealSFA si IdealWMS distributia si logistica, Marius Constantin, General Manager, Donau SRL


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