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Instructions for use for the special offer SmartCash RMS 2018
13 February 2018

Considering the special interest, regarding the special offer launched by Magister Software for the upgrade to SmartCash RMS 2018, manifested especially by our customers with older versions, we send you through this article some practical instructions to help you meet the announced deadline. and take advantage of the launched offer as soon as possible.

Access to the latest version of SmartCash RMS 2018 is ensured by opening or extending one annual subscriptions access to Magister program updates. So, in addition to upgrading to the latest version of SmartCash RMS 2018, you will benefit from the same price from the offer , for another year, and the updates that will be available monthly.

Access to the latest version of SmartCash RMS is therefore provided in the form of annual subscription , which must be contracted with one of the authorized Magister representatives in the country.

For subscribing as soon as possible to the annual subscriptions SmartCash RMS you can choose, depending on your situation. particular, one of the following variants:

If you have already concluded an authorized technical assistance contract directly with Magister Software or with one of the 4 territorial authorized Magister service and technical support centers in the country, request inclusion in the update program at one of the following contact details:

Bucharest – Magister Software: Tel. 031.821.01.50, Email: sales@magister.ro
Here – INITA 1996 SRL, Tel: 0232.431.726, Email: contact@inita.ro
Bacau – Velvet Com SRL, Tel: 0234.513.353, Email: office@velvetcom.ro
Craiova – ECR Systems SRL, Tel: 0251.522.177, Email: ecr_systems@yahoo.com
Satu Mare – Simon Electronics SRL: Tel: 0261.713.681, Email: office@casemarcatsm.ro

In this situation, the activation of the annual subscription will be attached in the form of an additional act to the authorized assistance contract that you have already concluded.

If you have not already concluded such a contract, but collaborate with another Magister partner or dealer from the country we invite you to contact him to register in due course in the program. The contact details of all our commercial partners, by counties, can be found on the page next .
Activation of the annual subscription will be the subject of a separate subscription contract which our representative will send you as soon as possible.

No matter what, access to the special offer is guaranteed provided that the date of the completed subscription is included in the deadline of March 31, 2018.


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