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Interview with Dor-Bujor Pădureanu, about the role of Magister as an architect of change on the business solutions market
20 March 2019

Two decades ago, in 1998, Dor-Bujor Pădureanu, the founder of Magister, created the first version of the SmartCash software, designed to make technology available to merchants to ensure absolute control over the activity in stores. At this pioneering stage, the empirical stage of national trade requires rapid innovation, pragmatism and easy implementation in small and medium-sized shops across the country.

Ten years later, the SmartCash RMS suite of software applications had already expanded and diversified considerably, and we were consolidating the national network of Magister partners, who marketed and implemented the solutions in various areas of the country. Over time, as market demand grew, the network of partners grew steadily, reaching national coverage, and new call-centers were opened to provide Magister customers with prompt technical support. Despite the fierce competition represented by the international retail networks, many local merchants and producers manage to create their own store chains, and Magister solutions support them in the continuous development process.

Our mission continues, this year, with the launch of the program “ Integrator Magister ”, Which marks a multilateral development direction, on various business levels, aiming at streamlining businesses in any field by automating processes and integrating the most efficient solutions in a unitary project management. Thus, Magister becomes a true ally and architect of change for companies eager to accelerate their development and improve their performance in line with consumer expectations and higher standards in competitive markets.

At the National Magister Conference 2019, held between November 1-3 in Poiana Brasov, Dor Bujor Padureanu underlined the current context of the company, but especially the ambitious objectives for the next period:

The year 2018 propelled us to the top of retail solution providers, consolidating our position as market leader […]. We aim to move to the next level in the coming years: to provide our customers with solutions and products, services, complete packages that reach all areas of activity of their business.“, Said the CEO of Magister.

Watch the full interview below:

Rolul de arhitect al schimbarii pe piata solutiilor pentru afaceri, Dor-Bujor Padureanu, Magister

Rolul de arhitect al schimbarii pe piata solutiilor pentru afaceri, Dor-Bujor Padureanu, Magister

We invite you to stay with us in the new stage of development and to perform together on the market of turnkey solutions for business.


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