Stefania Moraru
Launch SmartCash Fidelity 2.0
26 June 2015

SmartCash Fidelity 2.0, the integrated retail loyalty platform, was officially launched during a conference held on June 25, at the Golden Tulip Times Hotel in Bucharest. The event was addressed to users, SmartCash integrators and Magister Software partners.

The main advantages of SmartCash Fidelity 2.0 are the easy interface with third-party online or offline applications, modern customer loyalty patterns and the security of transactions made at the level of a chain of stores. In the first part of the conference were presented the news brought by SmartCash Fidelity 2.0 for the SmartCash RMS 2015 suite, and in the second participants were invited to provide feedback and propose discussion topics regarding the use of the new platform in the real environment.

The representatives of ContentSpeed, VirtualCards, ING – Romania, Union Consulting and Nielsen, present at the conference, found out details about the new interface system with the SmartCash RMS platform.
Among the traders participating in the conference were: Cris-Tim, La Casa, Inan Impex, One Distribution, Pronto express, Poema, Musse, Secom, Bata, La Femme, Il Passo, Uniscan, Foisor and Dac Retail.
IIRUC Service, Velvet Com, Simon Electronics, Inita 1996 and GB Service, Magister certified partners also participated in the launch of SmartCash Fidelity 2.0.

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