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Magister celebrates 20 years of technological innovation in retail
19 June 2022

In February, Magister, the developer of the SmartCash RMS retail software platform, celebrates its 20th anniversary.

Two decades after the first store operated with the SmartCash program, Magister is today one of the most important providers of integrated solutions for retail in Romania.

Beyond the thousands of stores implemented, we are most proud of the hundreds of specialists from all over the country, who share with us the same vision and who represent the soul behind the company.

The last two decades have marked an unprecedented evolution of domestic trade. It has been modernized and today has reached quality standards similar to those in countries with a tradition in this field.

The entry on the domestic market of the large international retail networks, which competed in the inaugurations, was the most important catalyst for the development of domestic trade.

In this extremely competitive environment, the Magister company aims to develop strong management solutions, able to help Romanian traders to operate successfully.

The main directions of development

Today, Magister has a unique portfolio of solutions in Romania. They cover all commercial formats on the market, from hypermarket, cash & carry systems, to mini-markets or cafes. In addition, our software solutions are complemented by a wide range of equipment needed for automated processes in modern retail. The highest quality implementation and support services come with the package.

The company is looking forward to the future, preparing solutions for tomorrow’s trade. The main directions of development are: the integration of artificial intelligence, high automation and support for the unprecedented unification of offline and online sales channels.

Along these lines, last year, the company launched its own self-checkout system called Magister Easy Check-Out or, in short, ECO. This is the first equipment of this type made entirely in Romania.

SmartCash RMS 2022

To facilitate the integration of online sales with in-store sales, SmartCash RMS users now have access to a fully integrated web platform. The SmartCash eCommerce Framework combines the reliability of Google Cloud with the process automation of SmartCash RMS.

Software innovations continue with the new version on SmartCash RMS 2022. Among the most important news of this version are:

  • Recognition of the age of 18 using artificial intelligence on ECO self checkout systems;
  • Payment by cryptocurrency via Binance Pay directly at POS;
  • The new SmartCash FastReport Server;

“Today, 20 years after entering the Romanian retail solutions market, we continue to innovate and expand our business with our customers, regardless of their business size or field of activity.

The constant development of these two decades has shown us how many things we can achieve together. We are confident in the following common successes: the digitalization of the relationship with ANAF, the omni-channel solutions or the automatic sales or control systems.

All this will open new perspectives for the retail business .

Together with our certified partners from all over the country, we are ready to support Romanian traders. ” said Dor Bujor Padureanu, founder and CEO of Magister.

About Magister

Launched in 2002, Magister has established itself as the most dynamic developer and integrator of retail IT solutions in Romania. The company specializes in the efficient management of individual stores and store chains.

During the two decades of activity, Magister contributed to the development and implementation of large-scale projects in the Romanian trade. He has developed and implemented digitization solutions for businesses of various formats and sizes in the retail industry. Among them we mention: Remarkt Hypermarket, METRO LaDoiPasi, Carrefour Express, Agroland, Vascar, CrisTim, CBA, Il Passo, Poema or Freywille. www.magister.ro

The company is the developer of the SmartCash Retail Management System software platform, the most widespread retail software solution in Romania. www.smartcash.ro


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