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Magister information related to the new fiscal cash registers
25 May 2018

As you probably learned from the press, the new models of cash registers will most likely be available for sale, after June 15, 2018.

Also, the authorities have modified the terms of endowing the taxpayers with the new cash registers as follows: up to September 1, 2018 for medium and large taxpayers and up to November 1, 2018 for small taxpayers ( see information here ).

In the opinion of all specialists in the field, the deadlines are not realistic , considering the estimated number of approx. 900,000 fiscal equipment that must be replaced in just a few months.

Through possible risks for traders in the following interval, we mention:

  • The inability of such equipment manufacturers to produce such a large number of equipment in such a short time (either due to financing or limited production capacity);
  • The unavailability of a sufficient number of technicians authorized by the Ministry of Finance to install and tax on site, such a large number of equipment in such a short time;
  • The probable temptation of some sellers of cash registers to commercially speculate this range of products or related services, by artificially increasing sales prices due to time pressure;
  • The not negligible possibility that, due to the short commissioning time, some fiscal equipment may have, at least in the first phase, problems in operation (bugs).
  • The danger of untimely modification of the legislation in the field, by simple ANAF orders, modification that must be quickly transposed within the AMEF fiscal applications.

Given these risks, Magister Software took the time all necessary measures so that the customers of our solutions have a simple transition to the new cash register models. These measures included:

  • update during February-April 2018, of all authorized assistance contracts , so that they comply with the new legal regulations;
  • implementations within our SmartCash RMS software platform functions necessary for integration new tax equipment;
  • Modernization the annual subscription system, so that we can face in the shortest time, the need to quickly update the programs installed on SmartCash RMS clients;
  • update of SmartCash programs installed on clients to the latest version , so that the installation of the new equipment is done in a short time;
  • Integration within the SmartCash POS application of a more varied number of new tax models , thus still limiting as much as possible the risk of unavailability of stock to one manufacturer or another;
  • Inventories in the unique national computer system Magister, of all the fiscal equipments in operation with SmartCash solutions at the level of the entire country;
  • Introduction of a reasonable price scales, unique at national level , for all fiscal equipment integrated in the SmartCash RMS platform and for the related services required during this period.

Here are some more technical benchmarks that you must take into account in order to have an easy transition and at the lowest possible prices to the new fiscal equipment:

  • Plan ahead , together with our commercial representatives, the purchase, installation and taxation of new equipment;
  • New tax equipment is registered from the very beginning in a unique national computer system based on the unique production code. Based on this code, the SmartCash POS application is to be activated, there being a direct correspondence between the SmartCash POS license and the unique identifier of the fiscal equipment;
  • purchase new tax equipment for our solutions directly from Magister Software , in order to continue to benefit from the OEM licensing status for the SmartCash POS application. Otherwise, you will have to pay an additional upgrade fee from an OEM to a Retail license;
  • Maintain applications at all times SmartCash used to the latest version , that of the current month, so that the model of fiscal equipment to be installed can be used immediately without downtime for updates to taxation;
  • Prepared early the necessary funds the purchase of new equipment, because they must be paid at the time of invoicing in order to start the procedures for obtaining order numbers;

Through important changes derived from the legislation of the houses to mark, remember the following:

  • Installation and taxation new cash registers for Magister solutions can be performed exclusively by a Magister technician or belonging to a Magister Software Certified Partner company;
  • Authorized technical assistance contract concluded with the Magister Software company or with one of the 4 territorial authorized Magister service centers in the country (Bacau, Iasi, Craiova and Satu Mare), cover up among others and tax services required by the legislation in force, including the necessary protocol for notifying the fiscal defects through call-center (there are no recurring costs in addition to those already contracted);
  • In the online tax return, starting with the new cash registers, you are obliged to declare the number of this contract , the end date and its renewal period (validity);
  • In accordance with the new legislation, the service contract for cash registers is mandatory , a copy of it must be attached to each operating location, along with the books of the cash register;
  • The process of obtaining the order number for taxation has been modified. It is no longer obtained from the AMEF regional register but from one single national register maintained by ANAF-DGFP ;
  • The protocol for obtaining serial numbers is largely the same as before, with the mention that it is possible that the numbers can be obtained much faster (hopefully) due to the fact that they are already pre-allocated to the respective equipment from the moment of their registration by the manufacturers;
  • Taxation has been simplified , in the sense that now the presence of the fiscal body is no longer necessary but only that of the technician authorized by the MoF;
  • Submission of installation declarations it may be possible to do it electronically (for the time being it is only a promise) but in principle it is only a process of submitting a document to the registry of the finance department within the installation location.

Starting with May 29, 2018, our commercial consultants will contact each of the companies using SmartCash solutions, in order to establish the optimal equipment models that will replace the current fiscal equipment.
On this occasion you will be able to find out more details about both the prices and the characteristics of the proposed equipment.

It is also important to set the optimal time for you together on this occasion. in which these equipments are to be purchased, for the corresponding dimensioning of the orders in production.

We hope to complete this stage by June 15, 2018, so that we can start after this date the actual deliveries of new equipment in the order of appointments.

Unfortunately, despite the speculative news in the market, we assure you that there is still no new model of cash register produced in series, regardless of type, except for the prototype models presented to the authorities for approval. Starting the mass production processes is not an easy step, that’s why we don’t think we can have new models for sale before mid-June 2018.

But we want to usefully use the time left until this date and to prepare, both us and you in time, for a quick replacement of tax equipment.

We assure you that, as before, we will be with you in this stage, not at all simple, of technological upgrade to the new models of cash registers.


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