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Magister integrates direct card payment services into its sales solutions
15 July 2021

In July, Magister launches a new product for its customers, fully integrated into POS sales solutions. This is the new PAX Q30 pin-pad banking terminal that is now available in our offer.

Unlike the already existing interfaces, developed for payment terminals operated and installed by different banks in Romania, this time our customers can receive in the same bundle, together with the sales solution the payment solution with the credit card using the most modern technology of the moment, together with a Viva Payment contract with an extremely advantageous acceptance commission.

In this way, the entire sales and payment solution with the card works uniformly, benefiting from the advantage of installation and maintenance provided directly by the Magister company.

The banking terminal thus becomes a natural extension of the POS system , as well as the fiscal printer or the barcode reader, being fully controlled by the sales application.

At the same time, all the necessary information elements for customers or cashiers are printed directly on the tax printer, together with the receipt, reducing the costs associated with consumables.

PAX Q30 and how to use it

PAX Q30 - Terminalul de plata ultrarapid de la Magister
PAX Q30 - Terminalul de plata ultrarapid de la Magister

About Viva Wallet

Viva Wallet services, operated by Viva Payments, provide the most complete European platform of the moment for processing card payments.

In addition to the instant processing of POS transactions, as can be seen in our presentation film, Viva Wallet offers its customers advantageous direct bank fees and an excellent cashback system, which translates into the possibility of completely cancel the payment commission for retailers.

Using the PAX Q30 terminal and the Viva Wallet electronic payment platform, it is possible to accept for payment all the classic card formats: VISA, Mastercard, Amex, as well as electronic wallets such as Google Pay, Apple Pay or AliPay or even QRCode wallet-based payments such as are those with cryptocurrency.

How to integrate card payment services into your system SmartCash POS?

To integrate the PAX Q30 electronic payment solution into your system. for sale, send a connection request to Magister using this form . Of course you can also contact us on chat or through our page contact .


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