Claudia Patrascu
Magister launches the social project “Order online from your convenience store”
22 March 2020

Given that the health crisis generated by the new coronavirus, will impose traffic restrictions , the most important source of supply for the population will be convenience stores .

We therefore consider that it is our duty to get involved in the general effort to reduce diseases, facilitating the activity in stores, reducing the risk of contamination for both store staff and customers.

The objective of this project is to find a way for customers in the vicinity of convenience stores to be able to be supplied at home , with a minimum of human contact or if they still want to go to the store, to find ready-made order , to pay for it and leave the store quickly.

This project is materialized in the form of a web portal, available at .

Within this portal, each store that uses the SmartCash RMS software platform developed by the company, has at its disposal a page with a unique short URL, for the online transmission of orders.

I was looking to implement a path as simple as possible , command transmission, which can be used by  any store by filling in a simple form, in which are listed only the generic products desired by the customer.

After receiving the order by e-mail, the operator in the store opens, using the existing program, one by one delivery order , which will add, with the customer’s telephone confirmation, the assortments and quantities available in the store.

The listed order can be prepared in baskets or bags, and upon delivery the fiscal receipt will be issued quickly by scanning the order bar code.

From the online page of the store, you can print and multiply ads that can be distributed to the mailboxes of nearby customers, so that they know that they can send online orders to the nearby store.

About us

Magister Software is the developer of the platform SmartCash RMS , the most widespread software for retail in Romania.

Over 7,000 local grocery stores across the country use this platform. The company’s solutions are available in grocery stores of all sizes, both in urban and rural areas, sometimes in extremely isolated areas. For this reason, they currently represent the backbone for the distribution of food to the population.

The online social project , is a simple and effective way to help these stores communicate with nearby customers who cannot move due to the health crisis.


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