Diana Ionescu
Magister Partners Meeting 2017
13 November 2017

As we have been accustomed to for eight years in a row, in November we meet with SmartCash RMS Certified Partners and Authorized Dealers from all over the country. Held on the weekend of November 3-5 this year, at the Cheile Grădiștei – Fundata Resort tourist complex, this year’s event marked 15 years of Magister Software activity, giving us, at the same time, constructive debates with invitations and setting common goals for 2018.

Bringing together more than 60 partners and dealers from all over the country, the eighth edition of our annual Meeting was the optimal context to analyze the collaboration within the Magister network, as well as ways to improve and develop high-performance solutions to expand the portfolio of implementations in line with the imminent changes in the retail market.

On Saturday, November 4, 2017, the Magister Partners Conference took place, the central event of the annual meeting, held by Mihaela Petcu, Magister national sales director, together with Dor-Bujor Pădureanu, general manager of the company.

In the first part of the event, Mihaela Petcu presented the results of the annual Magister certification program, the commercial results obtained this year by partners, as well as information about the online CRM application, which now provides indispensable tools for retail solution providers selling SmartCash RMS solutions.

Together with Nicolae David, Magister Software Technical Director, Mihaela handed over the 2017 Magister Awards to the most dynamic SmartCash Authorized Partners and Dealers for 2017. Thus, the Velvet Com company from Bacău ranked first, the second place was occupied by the company Simon Electronics SRL from Satu Mare, and the third place went to the company Fisc Consulting SRL from Cluj-NapocCea the second part of the conference was opened by Bogdan Bratu, together with his guest, Nadir Azam, from Zucchetti Worldwide Operation. In this year’s edition, Zucchetti representatives presented the Mago4 offer, which welcomes Magister Software partners with a Cluster of innovative solutions, integrated with the SmartCash RMS platform.

The second guest, Mr. Nicu Piroi, representative of Accord Electronics, presented the advantages of integrating the new AMEF concept in the architecture of retail systems such as the SmartCash RMS platform. According to customer needs and in compliance with applicable law, these smart solutions stand out due to the fact that they have been designed to work efficiently with the SmartPOS application.

In the last part of the conference, Dor Bujor Pădureanu, General Manager of Magister Software, presented the new partnership development strategy for 2018, focusing on the new business tools, now available online, on a single platform, designed to optimize collaboration within the national network of Magister professionals, through a more efficient management of the pre-sale and contracting processes.

The event ended with the equipment exhibition, during which Magister and the specialized suppliers presented to the interested participants the most advanced equipment currently available on the retail solutions market. At the exhibition stand, visitors were able to test programs and equipment integrated into the SmartCash RMS solution and, of course, learn more about the two high-performance models of smart tax printers, Athlos V-WS and FMC Epson TM-T810, respectively. type manufactured entirely in Romania

Considering the fundamental changes on the retail market, in the context of the regulations regarding the new AMEF models, Dor Bujor Pădureanu, General Manager of Magister Software stated: “Innovation is, today, an essential condition for success and, at the same time, a complex process based on interaction – the only way we will be able to implement, together, the strategy for developing products and services in the suite of SmartCash RMS solutions ”.


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