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Magister Software announces the availability of SmartCash RMS 2018, the latest version of the popular software suite for operators on the Romanian retail market.
25 February 2018

For customers with active subscriptions, the update to the latest version is free until the end of February. Also, for customers who have not yet purchased annual subscription subscriptions, this can be done at a reduced price until the end of February 2018, after the subscription benefiting from access to the latest version of SmartCash RMS.

The SmartCash RMS 2018 version is the most powerful SmartCash RMS platform so far, one of the priorities considered in its development being to increase the stability and parallel processing capacity, especially in case of interconnection with multiple external data sources (online platforms, applications ERP, statistical systems). This was possible due to the migration of all central services on 64 bits. It is thus allowed to address a much higher memory space and open a much larger number of simultaneous connections, using computing resources more efficiently.

Of course, one of the expected novelties is the compatibility of the software platform with the new fiscal cash registers that will be marketed starting, most probably, with May of this year. The SmartCash POS generation 6 application already ensures the functionalities exposed in the new legislation recently promulgated, having from now on  the possibility of integration with the new range of smart fiscal printers.

Among other novelties, the Smartcash RMS functionalities related to the personal data protection legislation have been improved so that the users comply exactly with the new extremely demanding EU requirements in this respect, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018.

Given the large number of legislative changes to be implemented this year, Magister Software invites all users of our software platform to update their applications to the latest versions as soon as possible, in order to minimize downtime in stores in order to alignment with the new legislation.

For the SmartCash 2018 version, we prepared a long time ago. We focused on simplifying the transition process of our users from the old cash register models to the new generation of fiscal devices, able to work in many more configurations than the previous ones. That meant hundreds of hours of design and programming and a joint effort, which many of our clients took part in. I thank everyone for their involvement and especially those who participated in the beta testing program I ran. Without them we would not have been able to introduce so many functionalities in such a short time. I hope that our effort so far to reduce to a minimum the duration of the interruption of commercial activities following the migration of our clients to the new models of cash registers, in order to comply with the new legislation. – Dor Bujor Padureanu, SmartCash RMS Software Architect


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