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Magister Software launches its new visual identity
17 January 2019

The year 2019 starts with a new breath for Magister, one of the main providers of retail solutions in Romania. On the anniversary of 17 years of activity, the company is relaunched with a new image andio nou development strategy, ready to raise market standards the only software and services dedicated to merchants.

The mission? To supporttake et and consolidates eating local market, in an increasingly difficult market and and more competitive ă.

Convinced that only high-performance technology and alignment with new consumer trends can help retailers move forward, Magister is launching its new visual identity, in line with the current development strategy.

The graphic changes reflect the notoriety and maturity of the brand and the attributes that have established it in the top providers of complete retail solutions.

At the same time, the new visual identity emphasizes the company’s new development directions, in line with retail market trends and Magister’s values: innovation, stability, dynamic pace, teamwork with partners at national level, cohesion and involvement – qualities specific to the national network of partners who contribute to the long-term success of the company.

The Magister Software rebranding process is synchronized with the launch of SmartCash Retail Management System 2019, the well-known retail software suite developed by the company, which in turn benefits from a new product image.

This image continues the “smart” visual identity characteristic of the software products developed by the Magister company, but benefiting from a modern, simplified design, compatible with the new online display technologies.

The launch of the new Magister image naturally reflects the current level of development of our company. It also means moving to a higher stage of evolution, based on the values we have always respected towards our customers and partners: innovation, fairness, transparency, professionalism declares Dor Bujor Pădureanu, CEO of Magister.


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