Diana Ionescu
Magister Software, sponsor of the actions undertaken by the Romanian Red Cross Volunteers
24 June 2016

The Romanian Red Cross will be represented this year, at the events in Solferino, by a delegation of seven volunteers from sector 4, who will carry with them the message of peace and solidarity between people, the same as the founder of the Red Cross, Henry Dunant , addressed him more than 157 years ago: ‘Siamo tutti fratelli!’

During the event, the route followed in 1859 by the rescuers who carried the wounded on the battlefield from Solferino to the first medical post in Castiglione delle Stiviere will be symbolically reconstructed. As every year, the event brought together thousands of Red Cross and Red Crescent volunteers and workers at the site of the ‘Battle of Solferino’, which inspired Henry Dundant to set up the idea of the Red Cross.

Over five thousand people with lit torches will travel a distance of 15 km and will create charming and emotional moments.

Mayor Daniel Baluta gave the members of the delegation T-shirts inscribed with the theme of the Solferino event and a flag bearing the emblems of the Red Cross Sector 4 and the Council.

On this occasion, Magister Software was involved in supporting the actions undertaken by the volunteers of the Romanian Red Cross, thus ensuring, for the second consecutive year, the presence of a Romanian delegation at this international event.


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