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Notice to all tobacco merchants! From May 20, 2019 you need a 2D scanner
17 May 2019

Attention, merchants! If you have cigarettes or tobacco products on offer, you have new obligations!

Specifically: on May 20, 2019, a European directive enters into force, stipulating that cigarette and rolling tobacco packages be marked with a unique identifier, so that each product can be traced along the entire route from the factory to the time of sale to the first distributor. retail. At national level, the provisions of the EU directive are found in Law no. 201/2016.

What is changing, how and why?

Intended to combat the illegal trade in tobacco products, the new directive obliges all legal entities in the distribution and retail network to adapt their monitoring systems so that they can track the movement of products to the point of sale to the consumer. By default, any pack of cigarettes unloaded from a van at a retail store, as well as the reloading of vending machines, must be reported, violations will be sanctioned with fines or even suspension of activity and loss of license to operate in the European space. .

Prior to entry into the retail circuit, all economic operators involved in trade in tobacco products, including the manufacturer, are required to register the entry of all unit packets in their possession, as well as all intermediate movements and the final exit of unit packets from their possession, according to Law no. 201/2016. This obligation may be fulfilled by marking and registering the packaging in aggregate form, such as cartridges, boxes or pallets, if the traceability and traceability of all unit packets is ensured. “, announces ANAF.

Related tobacco products, other than cigarettes and roll-your-own tobacco, will be marked according to the single traceability system from 20 May 2024.

What technical equipment do you need, according to the new law?

How the new markings on cigarette packs can only be read with one 2D omnidirectional scanner, traders have the obligation to equip their stores with such devices and to follow the traceability procedures in order to comply with the new EU directive.

Which 2D scanner to choose?

Such 2D omnidirectional scanners you can also find it in the offer smartpos.ro , in various variants: wired or wireless, table or barcode readers or readers compatible with Android, iOS and Windows phones and tablets

Specialist’s recommendation

Taking into account both the technical attributes, and especially the quality / price ratio, Magister technicians will recommend the scanners. Zebex , Datalogic and Honeywell which stands out for its reliability, accurate and fast reading of bar codes, and depending on the model, they are equipped with laser, light display, Bluetooth and various other functionalities.

Order early, avoid fines! What the  to choose? Magister specialists offer you free consulting! https://www.smartpos.ro/contact/

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