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Order the SmartCash POS program with a Daisy cash register
21 February 2019

With the change of the fiscal legislation and the implementation of the new models of cash registers with electronic diary, the Daisy models have become among the most widespread and sought after in Romania – no wonder, considering the advantages they offer. And, because it works great with our sales software application, we present in the following 3 important reasons why it is worth choosing the program SmartCash POS along with a Daisy cash register

Daisy comes with a range of 4 models of cash registers with electronic diary that works even more efficiently, coupled to the SmartCash POS application:

  • eXpert SX – Portable cash register with battery or mains supply;
  • Compact M – Cash register with built-in battery and innovative design;
  • Perfect M – Stationary cash register, with modern design and state-of-the-art technology
  • Compact S – The smallest model of portable cash register, which has a Bluetooth connection.

Here are 3 important reasons why it is worth choosing the SmartCash POS program together with one of the Daisy cash register models:

1. Compliance

All 4 Daisy models comply with the tax rules in force (and not anyway, but at optimal parameters). We know, theoretically all new cash registers are compliant, but not all do as well as Daisy.

The operating mode allows the use of the multiple communication interfaces available in the Daisy range of fixed and mobile cash registers.

The data regarding the receipts are saved and communicated to the ANAF server according to the norms provided in the new fiscal legislation, relieving you of such emotions in case of a control and the fiscal receipt is listed taking into account the units of measurement and all legal requirements.

2. Reliability

intended any type of stores, Daisy cash registers with electronic diary, fixed or mobile, have numerous devices and functions that recommend them among the most efficient fiscal equipment for the fields in which the activity supposes permanent movement and intense customer traffic. Here are the main strengths:

  • they have small dimensions and are equipped with an ergonomic keyboard and a generous display, in order to be as easy to use as possible;
  • built-in battery, but also allow power from an external battery, which means a major advantage for itinerant trade;
  • uses multiple Wi-Fi and bluetooth communication interfaces included and universal USB port. All these allow the connection to the ANAF servers without the need to use additional devices;
  • thermal printing, silent and with bar code printing options;
  • lists the fiscal receipt taking into account the units of measurement and all legal requirements.

So, there are robust models with innovative, compact, easy to use design, with built-in connectivity elements, which you will use for a long enough period to pay off the investment.

3. Efficient

And, most importantly, the “tandem” Daisy – SmartCash POS stimulates staff productivity, ensuring an optimal flow of sales operations from the store – at home, the proceeds flow correctly and quickly, without downtime and unnecessary problems. For a modern, efficient trade, satisfied employees and customers and a profitable business, even for small traders.

Take advantage of the Magister offer!

Do you want to benefit from all the advantages of a super retail package – the Daisy cash register + the SmartCash POS software application, at friendly prices?


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