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Personal data protection in SmartCash RMS 2018
23 March 2018

As a result of the correlation of the national legislation with the European norms, the protection of personal data has acquired a special importance for any economic agent.

To ensure that you comply with the new rules, we have integrated in the 2018 SmartCash RMS version the latest data security technologies to help you quickly reach the 3 important directions provided by the legislation in the field: audit, implementation, monitoring.

I published on our Youtube channel a tutorial, which we present in this article, in which you will find, with examples of use, all security measures that ensure the protection of personal data stored in SmartCash RMS applications.

Here is a short list of them:

  • Authorization function based on access name and password with variable complexity and validity period;
  • Function authorization based on access card;
  • POS authorization function based on fingerprint;
  • Tampering function, to avoid brute-force attacks for finding access passwords;
  • Tracking changes made to operators (signature of the current user authenticated on any operation performed in the system;
  • Access to your customer data exclusively based on the password;
  • Possibility of anonymization / deletion on request of personal data for a customer;
  • Separation of access to information based on access profiles;
  • The authorized service does not have access through the application design to any personal information. The service interface is completely separate from the user interface;
  • Consulting the access history of the system (audit) on users.
Protectia datelor cu caracter personal in SmartCash RMS 2018

Protectia datelor cu caracter personal in SmartCash RMS 2018

All the functions provided by our applications, described briefly in this article, can form the basis of the register of internal procedures that must be prepared by any economic operator until May 25 this year. For details or help in detailing these procedures please do not hesitate to contact our support and sales departments who are happy to provide you with additional explanations.

We invite you to consult all the materials on this topic, directly on the website of the National Authority for the Supervision of Personal Data Processing, .

Here are two ANSPDCP promotional films that briefly describe the duties of any economic operator in connection with this issue, highlighting the very large fines applied in this field:

Campanie de Informare Publica 2017

Campanie de Informare Publica 2017

Campanie de Informare Publica 2014

Campanie de Informare Publica 2014


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