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Price Monitor with all products, starting with September this year
21 June 2019

Tested for a year only in Bucharest and Ilfov County, and later launched for stores in the country, the Price Monitor platform will contain “absolutely all products in stores “according to the statement of the general director of the Competition Council, Daniela Bădilă. Retail companies will publish prices for all products, at national level, in the Price Monitor, most likely from September this year

In order to monitor the prices of the products sold, approximately 60 types of food products were added that make up the daily basket of the Romanian consumer. The participating networks are Kaufland, Lidl, Penny, Carrefour, Carrefour Market, Mega Image, Selgros, Profi, from Bucharest and Ilfov.

The new online platform will contain both the extended form of the Food Price Monitor, an element launched by the Competition Council at the end of 2016, and a price comparator for car fuels.

Daniela Bădilă estimated that all retailers will agree to enter the Price Monitor project, and the Competition Council currently has the legal basis to oblige them to participate in this project .

The official of the competition authority emphasized that the role of the Price Monitor is only an information tool for citizens, and not a price mercurial.

This Price Monitor is for information only, it will not be an online store where you can click and order; so it will be an information of yours, when you want to go shopping, on a certain basket of products that you will select from the ones displayed. It is not a mercurial, our role is not to monitor prices. Through this Monitor we wanted to inform consumers, especially the less fortunate in terms of income, who follow the reductions of certain products, to purchase a certain basket of products.“, added the general manager.

To use the platform, consumers must access the site www.monitorulpreturilor.info , to select the Bucharest area, and then to choose one of the sectors or Ilfov county. In order to search, you can choose for comparison at least five products and you can select the desired form of trade (supermarket and discounter, hypermarket, cash & carry).

The platform will display two rankings of stores in the selected area: the cheapest basket (which contains the products with the lowest prices charged by the retailers involved and the stores where they can be found) and the best-selling basket (which contains branded products, not own brand of stores, and the units in which these products are found).


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