Agroland Store Network

Agroland is the largest network of stores with an agricultural profile in Romania, counting over 250 commercial locations, distributed throughout the country. Products sold include fodder, live chickens, garden and home products or pet food.

The shops are usually located in suburban or village areas, being very close to farmers or ranchers.

The format of the stores is one with assisted service, a large part of the products being sold in bulk.

The challenge of the Agroland project was the large number of stores, distributed territorially. Thanks to the extensive territorial presence of our company, it was possible to rapidly develop the project with multiple, simultaneous openings in several areas of the country.

At the Agroland headquarters, the vertical retail development implemented by our company is integrated with the Senior ERP solution from Senior Software, a Magister strategic partner. Thus, the Agroland business is managed as a unit at a higher level, using first-hand tools for all sectors of activity.

The network is constantly expanding, new stores being added to the project and at the date of writing this article.

Among the latest openings is the Agroland MEGA format, implemented on sales areas of approximately 550sqm.

Agroland MEGA stores provide customers with over 3,000 garden products, planting material, fertilizers and maintenance equipment and pet products, from food to supplements and accessories. Of course, there are also products for hobby farming, as well as other useful products in the house and household.

The MEGA format makes the most of the functionalities of the Magister solution, by using mobile solutions for inventory control doubled by modern collection and payment systems.

The installation of the Magister solution in Agroland stores brought benefits primarily from the point of view of stock transparency. The visibility of the stocks on the local stations, the electronic receptions and the possibility to follow each article through the deposit sheets brought an extra confidence to the employees.

Secondly, the time of operation of documents by managers has decreased, which is another plus.

Another benefit is the possibility to offer real-time, remote help from the back office.

Denisa Cardos


Agroland Mega Afumati
Agroland Mega Afumati


Aug 2019 – Mar 2021


Solution Analysis, Training, Installation, Opening Assistance


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