ApiVest.ro eCommerce site

Apivest.ro is an eCommerce project developed by Magister running on the platform SmartCash eCommerce Framework .

The project differs from other sites of this kind due on the one hand to the range of products, less common and on the other hand due to the commercial model approached.

At the start of the project, the company Automir Online from Arad already operates a network of classic stores with bee products, present in the counties of Arad, Brad, Deva and Oradea, the central network being located in Arad.

The client’s request consisted in the complete integration between the online site and its network of stores in order to approach the whole commercial process, regardless of where it is initiated: in stores or online.

Within the integration, an important condition was the implementation of a unique and repeatable process of picking and delivery through courier companies of the ordered products for any location in the store network.

The final design now allows all online orders to automatically arrive at the SmartCash RMS global delivery order dispatcher, and can be processed from any physical location or central warehouse.

Delivery by courier is ensured automatically with the issuance of invoices through any of the following courier companies: Fan Curier, Cargus, Sameday, DPD or GLS.

The Apivest.ro project was realized in record time.

Due to the flexibility of the SmartCash eCommerce platform, we were able to import the vast majority of attributes or images for items from the customer’s old site.

So I had a site synchronized with SmartCash in a very short time.

Then my colleagues from the analysis implemented together with the client a fully integrated delivery workflow for online orders.

Cristian Lungu

Consultant Online Magister


Automir Online



15 Feb 2021


Solution Analysis, Installation, Web Design, Cloud Hosting, Training


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