Ato’s Store Network

Ato’s retailer is the market leader in local convenience stores in Bihor County.

Its business concept is based on commercial presence, with an extensive portfolio of products, from food to household, in hard-to-reach village locations such as Dobrești, Roșia, Meziad, Ceica, Lunca Sprie or Remetea.

The company has 6 locations operated in supermarket mode, another 2 being implemented in a new format, based on the Metro franchise “La Doi Pasi”.

The implementation of the Magister solution in the Ato’s store network started in 2016 with the restructuring of the product portfolio and the creation of the network headquarters.

The Magister solution implemented at Ato’s covers store chain management, with warehousing, automated supply, sales and collection, using a real-time updated inventory system as well as mobile inventory.

The new stores, integrated in the Metro franchise “La Doi Pasi” are developed on a larger area of approximately 600 sqm and have a complete sales and store management solution, integrated with the specific hardware equipment provided by our company: touchscreen quick cases with automated collection points, showcase area and a weighing island for vegetables and fruits.

For stores included in the Metro franchise “La Doi Pasi”, the software solution for store management is integrated with the Metro API, ensuring the automation of the processes of synchronization of items and receipt of goods from Metro.


The difficulty of this project was to locate the shops in isolated areas. We also had to take into account the low level of IT knowledge of store staff.

Without the inclusion of our local partners in the project team, such a project would have been difficult to implement.

In this case, the installation and training of the store was performed by colleagues from Simon Electronics from Satu Mare who paid admirably for the task.

Florin Bughirică

Project manager, Magister


Ato’s stores



2016 – April 2021


Installation, Training, Opening Assistance, Business Analysis, Software Development


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