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Lin Shopping Center is a company that sells a wide range of fashion products, decorations and accessories, electrical and household appliances or office supplies and stationery, approximately 50,000 products, through the China Mall department store, located in Constanta.

Founded in 2014, using the SmartCash RMS solution for the sales, invoicing, delivery and collection cycle, in the offline store, the company chose, starting from 2020, a parallel online development that led to the increase of turnover in less than a years.

The online store has been optimized from scratch for the platform SmartCash eCommerce Framework and benefits from an integrated B2C online ecommerce sales solution designed for an unlimited range of products.

With a responsive design, an intuitive and attractive interface, the customer benefited in the online store from the technical solution and design services and technical configuration of the online store, support and maintenance, Cloud hosting, security and automatic backups, consulting & training and of course a specialist dedicated to this project.

The number of items listed in the online store is about 15,000 SKU, the site being one of the most complex in terms of volume.

The ability to operate fast in these conditions is guaranteed by the hosting services in Google Cloud, offered by the company Magister.

The purpose and challenge of this project were, first of all, the expansion and development of a business, already existing in the offline environment, to the online environment and secondly, the diversity of the products sold through the online store.

There are many months of work and many photos incorporated in the 15,000 products!

Cristian Lungu

Consultant Online Magister


Lin Shopping Center



March 18, 2020


Solution Analysis, Installation, Web Design, Cloud Hosting, Training


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