Cristim Store Network

Cristim company is one of the most important sausage producers in Romania, providing a complete range of products in this category.

He is one of the oldest Magister clients, the collaboration being started in 2011 and continuing until now with different commercial formats.

The development of the store network included in the 10 years of collaboration over 40 locations in the format of a convenience store or manufacturer’s stores, 4 supermarkets, 17 locations operated in cash & carry mode, as well as flyers operated under the brand Matache Măcelaru.

Cristim locations are found in several counties in the country, including Bucharest, Argeș, Galați, Dâmbovița, Vâlcea, Prahova, Buzău or Ilfov.

The specificity of the Magister solution for Cristim is the concentration of all data exchanges between the production and delivery units at the SmartCash RMS storefront. From this point, regardless of the commercial format operated, control over all commercial locations is ensured.

Another peculiarity is the close integration between the retail solution, the ERP platform used, the specialized subsystem for production and the BI solution from Magister, SmartCash Oxygen running on the QlikView platform.

Despite the various commercial formats used over the years by Cristim, Magister solutions allow the unitary operation of the entire chain of stores in the conditions of obtaining real-time information from stores. In turn, this data is automatically integrated into the business analysis system generating live projections for network managers.


Interviu cu D-na. Ana Maria Morari - Cristim
Interviu cu D-na. Ana Maria Morari - Cristim
Interviu Andrei Scortariu, Cris-Tim, despre SmartCash RMS 10
Interviu Andrei Scortariu, Cris-Tim, despre SmartCash RMS 10

There are people from Magister with whom I have been talking on the phone for almost 2 years, whom I do not know physically, but I talk to them as if they were mine…

Thank you Magister!

Ana Maria Morari

Store Network Supervisor


Impex Cristim & Cristim 2 Prodcom



Jan 2011 – 2021


Training, Installation, Opening Assistance, Business Analysis, Software Development


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