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Tria’s Florist Network

Tria’s flower shop network includes over 15 locations open in Bucharest and Ilfov County through which floral arrangements are sold. The network has a warehouse located in Voluntari, where the plants are delivered to stores and throughout the country.

Tria’s is one of the most well-known sources of floral arrangements in Bucharest. It differs from the competition by the approach focused on specialized designers of floral arrangements, present in all commercial locations.

The Tria’s project includes, in addition to the standard requirements of a network of stores, some extremely special aspects.

Because the idea of a floral arrangement is at the heart of Tria’s business, often composed of several dozen components (plants and decorations), specific software functionalities have been developed that allow designers to “compose” each floral arrangement in the computer system in parallel with its realization. physics.

Thus, in the end, each unique arrangement receives a commercial code based on which it is selected and sold to the tax client.

The objectives of Tria’s network computerization were primarily related to strict inventory management for these perishable products, so that stores can be regularly supplied with sufficient materials for customer orders.

Another area in which the Magister solution achieved its objectives was the central warehouse in Voluntari. Significant quantities of plants are generally imported here, generally from the Netherlands. They must be monitored in batches and input data so that they can be delivered to consumers as soon as possible.

At the warehouse level, composed of covered areas but also outdoors, a real-time mobile solution was implemented that allows employees to prepare orders directly on the ground, and then be brought to the delivery area for transport to the final customer.

The implementation of the Magister solution in the Tria’s network allowed the reduction of losses by up to 80% resulting in an increase in the commercial margin by over 30% due to the exact control of sales.

In parallel, following the implementation of the solution, the company developed the online marketing channel for its products through the website . The online orders generated in this way are received in the Tria’s network through the SmartCash RMS API and can be delivered from the central warehouse or from any store in the network.

Floraria Trias - Prezentare generala
Floraria Trias - Prezentare generala

Implementing Magister solutions in Tria’s Amway florist network has been a real challenge, being a field that operates products with extremely high perishability.

Store control is now strict and transparent, with every move recorded and recorded in real time.

Mircea Săplăcan

CEO, Choose


Tria’s Amway



Jan-May 2015


Training, Installation, Opening Assistance, Software Development


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