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Real-time inventory with SmartCash Mobility and Themis
30 December 2018

Hardworking and long, inventory  it is very important.

Even if, during this period, all eyes are on cash registers and fiscal printers, the year-end procedures should not be omitted. And the most important of them, for a company that has activity, is the inventory.

Sanctions, errors, lack of procedures and differences between the patrimony established in the inventory and the one in accounting are aspects that can negatively affect the activity.

A professional inventory reduces the time and resources allocated and gives you reliable results. That is why we propose to use the mobile terminal in the series Themis , designed using state-of-the-art technology, outperforming most devices of its kind available worldwide.

terminal Themis uses the new Android® 6.0 operating system on a friendly operating interface and supports various functions, such as scanning 1D / 2D barcodes, reading RFID tags, applications  GPS and Google Play Services Support, 8 Mpixel camera with autofocus, GSM or VoIP telephony, WI-FI and 3G data transfer.

Themis mobile data collection terminals together with the SmartCash Mobility suite of applications can be used in various fields, such as retail, Horeca, supply, distribution, logistics, warehouse management, food safety, government and public utility applications. Using the Themis mobile solution together with SmartCash Mobility has considerably reduced the time required to carry out receptions and transfers of goods, operations which, with the expansion of the business, have become more and more numerous and frequent.

The main functionalities of SmartCash Mobility for Android and the Themis mobile terminal guarantee an excellent quality-price ratio.

  • Mobile inventory of goods by scanning products or by manual entry;
  • Receipt of goods from suppliers directly on the unloading ramp;
  • Validation of goods receipts from other own stores in the network;
  • Collection of goods returns to suppliers directly on the shelf;
  • Mobile collection of goods transfers to other stores in the network;
  • Mobile collection of product delivery orders for their subsequent payment through the cash register or by invoicing at collection points;
  • Mobile collection of supply orders from suppliers (Android version only);
  • Shelf verification of products (prices, instant stock, etc.);
  • Listing shelf labels directly from the mobile terminal.

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