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Remarkt introduced in the hypermarkets in Oradea and Arad the first 12 self checkout systems produced by the company Magister in Romania
9 October 2021

Remarkt recently introduced, in its hypermarkets in Oradea and Arad, the first self checkout system manufactured entirely in Romania produced by Magister company from Bucharest.

Launched for the first time in March this year, Magister Easy CheckOut, the self checkout system for self service stores, includes state-of-the-art components and functionalities, in a modular design that can be adapted to any outflow from the store.

Made entirely in Romania by the Magister company, the system comes ready configured and can be customized according to the needs or design of each store, thus being easy to implement both by independent stores and in store chains.

Magister Easy CheckOut solution implemented in Remarkt hypermarkets is composed of 6 terminals installed in each of the two stores, in Oradea and Arad. The expansion of the checkout capacity was achieved by eliminating a number of 4 classic checkout lines and replacing them with the 6 new self service payment points.

More than 350 customers used the self-check-out system in the first week, which prompts the company to consider expanding its implementation to other units.

The installation of the entire self-checkout system on site, a process that includes the stages of installation, configuration, testing, calibration and staff training, was performed by Magister specialists in a record time of only 3 days on the store, followed by the immediate opening of the home system for store customers.

The short implementation time, not at all common in the case of this type of systems, was due to the artificial intelligence functions embedded in the software solution SmartCash POS Enterprise used on these terminals. Thanks to these functions, the systems constantly learn by interacting with real users and automatically adapt so as to optimize the waiting time between two successive product scans. Each terminal transmits the collected information to the other terminals in the same store but also to those installed in the other stores in the network, contributing, through collective learning, to the reduction of the calibration and scanning times of the products.

Primele 12 sisteme self checkout produse de Magister implementate in hypermarketurile Remarkt
Primele 12 sisteme self checkout produse de Magister implementate in hypermarketurile Remarkt

From the hardware point of view, the equipment includes 4 basic modules, which can be mounted in various positioning variants depending on the operating flow specific to the store.

Most components and automation systems are incorporated into the central body, interconnected with the weighting verification module of the scanned products. This module is based on a high precision weighing system developed in cooperation with an exceptional Romanian manufacturer of such equipment. This subsystem ensures a high weighing accuracy of only 0.5 g over the entire working range of the system up to the maximum capacity of the system, which is 30Kg. This allows even small weights, such as envelopes with extremely light products, to be safely validated.

Magister Easy CheckOut system accepts electronic payments made with credit card or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos, Euro Token) and in the final stage of the purchase process by self checkout, the security system ensures the opening of the exit gate by scanning the barcode on the receipt fiscal.

“We are honored that the Remarkt network has chosen the self checkout system developed by our company. Residents of Oradea and Arad now have access to a modern and fast self-checkout system, for a more pleasant and prompt shopping experience.

Magister company, founded almost 20 years ago, is famous for its pioneering work in Romanian retail. We are proud that we managed to bring another new premiere on the Romanian market: the first self checkout system manufactured entirely here, at our home.

It would have been easy for us to choose the easy way: that is, to quickly import a product of this type manufactured, you wonder where and to put it on the market quickly.

By choosing the hard way and developing this top product in the country, we help the domestic horizontal industries, which have produced some of the subassemblies of this complex system, to develop in turn.

This success demonstrates that today, in 2021, it is possible to produce automation systems in Romania, no matter how complex. It’s all about having the courage of starting to see each other with different eyes.

The results obtained reach the final consumer at much more advantageous prices compared to similar imported products, being therefore available both for large hypermarkets, as is this case, and for small, independent stores.”, stated Mr. Dor Bujor Pădureanu, CEO Magister.


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