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Replacement of Windows XP stations and enrollment in SPA ANAF
19 June 2022

Magister offer for the replacement of Windows XP stations and enrollment in SPA ANAF

The decision to develop the RO e-invoice project in Romania was taken after analyzing the way in which Italy applied generalized electronic invoicing to both the Business to Government (B2G) relationship and the Business to Business (B2B) relationship and involves process steps. to allow the measurement of the effects on the economic environment and the efficient management of the data received in the SPA ANAF.

Therefore, electronic invoicing started at the end of 2021, but the speed with which the changes were implemented on the whole concept, to move to the next stage, is encouraging.

Thus, starting with April, optionally, and with July, obligatorily, the taxpayers who provide to other companies (B2B) goods included in the category of those with high risk of tax evasion will issue invoices in the RO e-Invoice system, regardless of whether the beneficiaries are or do not enroll in SPA ANAF.

The goods in question are specifically mentioned, namely vegetables, fruits, alcoholic beverages, mineral products such as natural mineral water, sand and gravel, but also clothing and footwear. The new constructions were also included in the list of authorities, according to Deloitte Romania.

The first taxpayers affected by the measure are traders, the HORECA industry and real estate developers

Therefore, the first taxpayers affected by this measure will be traders, followed by players in the hospitality industry (HoReCa) and real estate developers. The authorities seem determined to generalize this obligation to the other categories of taxpayers who should be preparing for the implementation of this system soon.

Given the need to align with European standards, it is expected that relations with ANAF will be increasingly based on technology and, in this context, taxpayers must follow the changes that take place.

CAREFUL: In order to transmit the information to ANAF, it is necessary to use workstations that use new operating systems. For customers who want to replace old systems that still use Windows XP, Magister offers them advantageous offers of new or refurbished equipment.

To access the Magister offer, fill in the form here .

How will the electronic invoicing system RO e-Invoice work in SPV ANAF

The salesperson will connect to the RO e-Invoice system using a qualified digital certificate used to access the virtual private space (SPV). The invoice will be drawn up in XML format, being considered the original copy of the invoice, if it is accompanied by the electronic signature of the Ministry of Finance.

The invoice will be sent either by interconnecting the application available at the issuer level, using an interface (subject to pre-authorization), or by using the applications provided free of charge by the Ministry of Finance.

After sending the electronic invoice, the system will perform operations of verification and validation of structure, syntax and semantics, subsequently generating an automatic response message. If the invoice complies with the structure, the electronic signature of the Ministry of Finance (application attesting to its receipt in the national system of electronic invoicing) is applied and communicated to the recipient. If the invoice does not comply with the structure, the issuer receives a message with the identified errors. After correcting them, the invoice is retransmitted through the same system.

Launch of the ANAF e-Invoice solution within the SmartCash RMS platform

The launch of the ANAF e-Invoice solution within the SmartCash RMS platform is scheduled for the end of April. In this regard, we remind you that the following steps are necessary:

  1. Urgent replacement of Windows XP workstations!
    Magister offers its customers advantageous offers of new or refurbished equipment. Submit your request using the online form !
  2. Registering the company in SPV and purchasing an ANAF (USB Stick) authorization hardware certificate, in addition to the one used by your accountant;
  3. The transmission of the invoices to ANAF will be done automatically, but on the respective station a USB device with electronic signature must be permanently connected. Consequently, if the signing solution will remain the current one and ANAF does not produce a simpler one to use, you will have to have for each store that issues invoices a USB Stick with a valid digital signature;
ATTENTION: Magister clients who sell products registered in risk groups have a very high share. Therefore, keep in mind that from April 1, reporting through the RO e-Invoice system is optional, but for you, from July 1, 2022, it will be mandatory !


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