Diana Ionescu
Retail data security: how we protect our own and our customers’ data
2 March 2018

As the digital age advances, commercial companies or organizations store vital information about customers’ lives, work, and daily activities. At the same time, they are less and less willing to distribute information and their trust in different categories of companies has decreased, the violation of certain rights and the scale of cyber attacks in recent years making them cautious in relation to those to whom they communicate personal data.

This is the context in which Law 677/2001 and the new EU regulation on the protection of personal data come to ensure citizens control over their data. With the entry into force of the law in May 2018, it will have a strong impact, including in retail, with regulations certainly influencing the way companies will market in the future.

What can retailers do to secure their sensitive data?

  • Ensure effective network protection and email filters for spam, malware and dangerous files;
  • Use a firewall with an extra level of network protection;


Regardless of the size of the business, you need to have a well-developed strategy and plan to ensure the security of your information and data – especially customer data, such as:

  • Security of customer data, including any confidential information you hold on behalf of customers;
  • Data about products and services, including reports, patents, copy-rights, source codes, filings and applications;
  • Financial information, in the event that your records. Accountants are attacked and data is changed, then security systems must be able to inform you immediately.
The latest version SmartCash RMS comes with the data audit review and guarantees your business security through a system that exactly meets the new extremely demanding EU requirements. Among other news, the Smartcash RMS functionalities related to personal data protection legislation have been improved as follows:
  • A new functionality was introduced in order to anonymize users’ access to the SmartCash RMS system;
  • Securing access to data from its own staff by blocking multiple authentications;
  • Encryption of access data to the SmartCash RMS system;
  • Possibility to delete through anonymization, the data of a client (access characteristics) at his express request;
  • Selective access to personal information of customers, through the access profile.

Here are just a few specific measures to control access to personal data, implemented with the new version, designed to provide security to customers and authorized access of staff to delete information at their request. The new functionalities meet the provisions of the new law on personal data protection, which will enter into force on May 25, 2018.

Magister specialists are at your disposal with details.


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