Our solutions cover all commercial formats, regardless of complexity, from shops or cafes to hypermarkets or cash & carry warehouses.

Magister has been developing retail solutions for 20 years. The secret to the large number of successful implementations is the synergy between the software platform SmartCash RMS which we continuously develop, the premium equipment provided and the standardized implementation services available throughout the country.



Our systems are used at all the operational levels that this complex business format requires. We are the only provider of end-to-end solutions for hypermarkets in Romania.


The reasons why our supermarket solutions were chosen by customers are related to the reliability of the solution and the ability to manage supermarket chains with a small number of staff.


Most franchises in the proximity segment are operated with Magister systems. SmartCash RMS is the most popular software in Romania for minimarket type stores.


Individual Stores

In our offer you will always find simple solutions for companies at the beginning of the road. As the complexity of the business grows, you can move to a stronger solution, ready to come to your aid when you struggle.


If you are looking for a precise and correct solution for restaurants, which represents without compromise every sale on the tax receipt, then you have in our solutions a reliable friend.

Coffee Shops

For this commercial format, the sales speed materialized in the intuitive touchscreen interfaces of our POS systems and the versatility of taking orders from customers matter the most.


Customers appreciate the most in our solutions for clothing or footwear stores the possibility to use nomenclatures with a very large number of products and the ability to quickly propagate commercial policies in a network of stores.

Cake Shops

For this format, the most appreciated is our system for taking pending orders, collecting advances and strict management of production laboratories.


Large bookstore chains use our solutions due to the large number of manageable parts, which are characteristic of this type of bussines. Of course, the exact real-time inventory management engine also matters.

Cash & Carry

Thanks to the functionalities oriented towards ultra-fast sales with invoice or fiscal voucher, our solutions have become a frequent choice for the owners of cash & carry deposits. EB2B eCommerce extensions help you receive orders quickly from customers.

Retail Warehouse

Our solutions can be used successfully in all areas of retail business operations. One such example is the zonal or territorial warehouses that supply retail platforms, regardless of the type of goods processed.

DIY Stores

For the construction retail sector, our solutions ensure a high flexibility in the processing of highly specialized orders, supported by a state-of-the-art mobile data collection system.


Low Risk in Implementation

Our company provides financing for all implemented projects by directly managing the contractual relationship with each client.

Magister solutions for retail have a successful implementation rate of 99.8%. High level of specialized know-how, available both directly and through our national network of Certified Partners guarantees a successful implementation.

Any Magister project benefits from an implementation plan adapted to each individual solution pattern, and the relationship between the implementation teams is managed using modern project management tools.

Premium software

All our retail solutions are based on SmartCash RMS the software platform we have been developing for almost 25 years.

High degree of adoption, multiple sources of information and the community Great users are the strongest guarantee that a software can have.

Certified Equipment

Within Magister solutions, only certified equipment for faultless operation is supplied together with the supplied software, in a regime of intense demand.

National coverage

Thanks partnership programs consistently implemented in the last 17 years, we provide our clients with the knowledge of over 250 authorized technicians and consultants who will help you in the implementation, wherever your location is. of installation.

National Technical Support

Our network of technical support authorized includes 5 territorial centers subordinating 32 subcontracting companies. Thus, by calling a unique call center, you benefit from maintenance services with travel throughout the country, even in the most isolated localities.


A few words from our customers for whom we are grateful.

We believe that a strong brand and a technically efficient solution can bring traditional trade into the 21st century and even become a strong competitor for large retailers. In the future, we want our partnership with Magister to be fruitful in as many modern stores as possible, with brands that have won the trust of consumers and with impeccable services.

Lucian Hudea

Sales Manager, CBA Nord-Vest, Satu Mare

A few years ago, I went on the internet and by chance, I found the advertisement of this software company, Romanian. I’m so glad I chose them. I am pleased to see that they are currently the best players on the market. I’m glad to see that I grew up with them. It helps me tremendously in the business I’m trying to run.

Bogdan Gheorghian

Administrator, Andras Minimarket, Bucharest

Tsend our thanks to the entire Magister team. Without SmartCash and help from the Magister team, I don’t think we could get here. I hope we and you continue like this!

Cornel Rusu

Administrator, Franchise German Market, Cluj Napoca

With the change of location, we decided to change the management program. I can say that I started right in choosing this system because in the last few years since then, it has been a major help in the development of the company’s activity. With SmartCash we have absolute control of the activity and employees. I can warmly recommend Magister!

Ana Maria Marinescu

Owner, Maurana Cash & Carry, Bucharest


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