Diana Ionescu
RetailTech 2019 – synergies between performance and innovation in retail technology
1 April 2019

On Tuesday, March 26, 2019, I participated in Retail Tech 2019, the conference organized by GOVERNMENT . Hosted by the “Intercontinental” hotel in Bucharest, the event was addressed to professionals interested in solutions for streamlining retail operations, such as cash management, process optimization and resource efficiency, using technology.

After the recent rebranding process, Magister participated in the 2019 Retail Tech Conference as a premium partner, together with representatives of Auchan, Bringo, Flanco, McDonald’s Romania networks, as well as the other partners of the event, namely Enterprise Concept, ROPECO, Wagner Security, Relevance Management.

Held over half a day, RetailTech 2019 included two sessions of presentations and debates: in the first, various methods, technologies and solutions were presented to streamline retail processes, such as mobile terminals, cash management and optimization of collection processes, as well as monitoring, verification systems and automation implemented in retail.

In the second session of the conference, the representatives of the retail chains presented the trends in this industry, case studies and experiences in the implementation of various technologies, such as applications for streamlining sales processes, integration of new technologies in current operations to improve the customer experience, integrate and monitor customer operations and platforms for a real-time image. Retailers and specialists present exhibited innovative information and equipment, demonstrating that technology significantly facilitates operational activity, and the dynamic pace of evolution of this sector can be a major advantage for traders, if properly exploited.

Participant in the first panel of debates, Dor Bujor Padureanu, CEO & founder of Magister, gave a presentation on “ Technological trends in modern retail ”, Offering a series of information of wide interest for traders (and not only):

  • Modern solutions for capitalizing on space at points of sale – an increasingly important aspect, in the context in which proximity dictates consumption trends, and the need for space becomes more acute. What advantages do modern assembly systems offer to stores and customers alike.
  • How operating systems for data acquisition terminals will evolve. What we choose:  What potential, but also what impediments involve the development of the portable industrial terminal industry.
  • Electronic management and labeling technologies ESL (Electronic Shelf Label). Electronic shelf labels have already reached the third generation, but they are not yet widespread in stores in our country. When will this technology be widely adopted in Romania?
  • Omnichannel retail – functionalities and high-performance terminals for a dynamic trade. What changes can be seen in the Romanian retail from a technological point of view in the coming years.

In the exhibition area, Magister presented, at its own stand, a unique, modular system of plates and poles, adapted to the efficient use of space, equipment for  future in the field of operating systems for data acquisition terminals using industrial terminals Android – Themis and third generation ESL technologies.

Colleagues who represented us at the event Mihaela Petcu – National Sales Manager, Diana Ionescu – Marketing & Communications Coordinator and Robert Chelu – Sales Consultant, had the opportunity to keep up to date with news in the field and to exchange information with other representatives brand of Romanian retail. Thanks to the GOVNET team for the invitation!


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