Diana Ionescu
Sasha & Vlad, the butcher network, continues the expansion with SmartCash RMS
15 September 2020

On Tuesday, August 11, 2020, the new South Square in Berceni, Bucharest was inaugurated. The building is fully technological, equipped with all the necessary facilities for modern trade: air conditioning and fire safety permit, generous area for stalls (6,000 sqm), multi-storey parking for 300 people, security services, and has even arranged one hectare of green space. The investment amounts to 10 million euros.

Among the new stores opened inside the South Square, there are two units Sasha & Vlad – part of the network of the already known producer of meat and meat products.

Sasha & Vlad Carmangeries have been using our retail software solution, SmartCash RMS, since 2016. As the network expanded, the solution implemented adapted to development, allowing the business to properly manage the flow of daily activities in stores and especially customer expectations regarding the accuracy and speed of reaction at the cash register.

In turn, the store staff and the management team rely on specific BI (business intelligence) functionalities, which ensure control over stocks and an accurate record of sales – indispensable for any forecast and business planning.

Currently, the trader owns a number of about 15 shops , located in Bucharest, with distributed management and centralized control. Thus, the stores in the network send orders using the specific module for automatic orders available in the SmartCash RMS platform, and the control panel then delivers the orders to each store, loading, at the same time, the stock of the stores by automated transfer inside the network.

The solution implemented in the Sasha & Vlad storefront includes applications such as SmartCash HQ in the headquarter and SmartCash Professional and SmartCash Cluster in the store network. 

We thank him for choosing us, we congratulate him for the extension and we wish him much success and increase in sales!


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