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Senic Gross & Market is a network of Cash & Carry stores with 100% Romanian capital
19 June 2022

SmartCash RMS: the ideal solution for Cash & Carry commercial networks

The Senic Gross & Market store network, a business with 100% Romanian capital that has established itself on the Cash & Carry supermarkets market through the quality of the services and products offered, was born in 1994 with the main object of activity being the distribution of food products.

During over 2 decades of activity the company has constantly developed through the five stores located in Drobeta Turnu Severin, Pitesti, Brasov, Slatina and Medias.

The first Senic store was opened in 2017, in Drobeta-Turnu Severin and in 2019 the Senic Gross & Market store in Pitești was inaugurated. In 2021 the company inaugurated two more locations, in Brasov and Slatina and this year, in April, it expanded, with a new location, in Medias on Sibiu Road.

Senic Gross & Market is aimed at both individuals who want to do their home shopping and legal clients who are looking for the best deals to supply their own business.

Out of the desire to offer dynamic prices depending on the quantity purchased, the company also created a chain of Cash & Carry – Senic Gross & Market stores. Through the Cash & Carry chain of stores, the retailer offers its customers a wide range of products.

The Senic Gross & Market store network is expanding to a new location in Medias

All five Senic Gross & Market stores use specialized retail solutions based on Magister’s SmartCash RMS platform.

The new Senic Gross & Market supermarket in Medias has a line of 4 cash registers equipped with state-of-the-art POS. All the hardware and software infrastructure is provided, in the entire network of stores, by Magister.

Among the hardware equipment installed in the location, in the fruit and vegetable area, where, given the high traffic, it was necessary to simplify and streamline the sales process to increase the volume, there are touchscreen labeling scales from the Dibal D-955 self service series.

These scales combine the benefits of the self-service touch screen with the benefits of displaying messages and promotional offers for the customer. Dibal D-955 is a multifunctional scale with a unique design, compact footprint and advanced technology.

For receiving from suppliers, labeling and inventory, the SmartCash Mobility application is used together with the Android mobile inventory terminals.

The entire network of Cash & Carry Senic stores uses the SmartCash Mobility application, facilitating the work of the employed staff and offering security in the development of the operational processes.

Senic Gross & Market is a network of Cash & Carry stores with 100% Romanian capital

Why do customers choose SmartCash solutions for cash & carry?

Here are the advantages of SmartCash for the commercial cash & carry format and the most appreciated functionalities:

  • SmartCash RMS allows the combined sales system, wholesale and retail, depending on the type of customer (both individuals and legal entities, and can be used separate lines or mixed sales systems – multistation). Thus, retail and wholesale take place in the same outlet, which attracts several customer segments simultaneously.
  • Strict control of operational flow;
  • Dynamic volume promotions – automatically applied at home or at billing stations, as products are added to the receipt or invoice;
  • Ultra-fast, automated invoicing and collection, with multiple forms of payment and strict control of cash flows;
  • Mobile data collection – orders received by phone or e-commerce platforms can be collected mobile on the room and prepared for quick pick-up by VIP customers;
  • Magazine campaign planning .

One of the most appreciated features of SmartCash RMS is the possibility of concomitant planning of weekly and daily promotional campaigns for all product categories.

Two decades of innovation, experience and passion

The fact that our solution is chosen by more and more retailers operating cash & carry stores and warehouses confirms that, 20 years after its launch, the SmartCash RMS platform is already established on the Romanian market, combining tradition in developing solutions with innovation and continuous improvement. To what factors do we owe this recognition?

  • Robust and stable solution
  • The multitude of functions developed in the platform, which fully covers the operational flow carried out in such businesses. Monthly update with new features and optimizations
  • Integration with multiple other complementary solutions, modules and applications – accounting, SFA, WMS and e-commerce
  • Consulting and complete installation services (hardware-software)
  • Technical support available daily, dozens of call center lines
  • National coverage through the Magister partner network, which includes hundreds of certified professionals from all over the country
  • Adaptability, simplicity and flexibility in using the platform
  • Staff training
  • Optimal value for money through features such as ultra-fast sales, integrated mobile solution or eCommerce extension for online delivery.

The SmartCash RMS solution for Cash & Carry commercial formats currently outperforms renowned solutions in the field of local retail.


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