Diana Ionescu
SmartCash HQ manages Mercur Cash & Carry stores
19 June 2022

Mercury Cash & Carry – successful launch with SmartCash HQ

Monday, April 18, 2022, inside the Bazar Micro 6 in Targoviste, jud. Dambovita, the Mercury cash & carry store has opened – a new confirmation that the cash & carry business is on the wave, as we announced not long ago .

Mercury has chosen a turnkey solution for retail from Magister, which includes both hardware and software. The SmartCash HQ solution provides all the process automation necessary for cash & carry stores .

The new Mercur Cash & carry supermarket in Targoviste has a line of 9 cash registers equipped with state-of-the-art POS, all hardware and software infrastructure being provided by Magister.

Thus, the equipment includes nine Grace POS systems, Dell server and workstations, Dibal electronic scales, as well as three professional Themis terminals, on Android, for the mobile inventory of stocks. Now, the reception and the record of the goods are made with precision and speed, and the time thus saved from the employees’ program can be better used for other activities.

In turn, the business management has at its disposal business intelligence functionalities and detailed analyzes provided by the SmartCash Oxygen platform. The SmartCash Oxygen component works instantly compared to other data analysis solutions, which require intermediate times for data processing and preparation

Mercury uses the SmartCash HQ software solution – the application in the SmartCash RMS suite responsible for the management of cash & carry stores, ensuring unified control of network management (retail and wholesale).

Focusing on selling products at discounted prices and promotions applicable to the product package, Mercury also uses magazine-type campaigns – SmartCash functionality that allows concomitant planning of discount campaigns presented in brochures, for a determined duration, prices will return to value list.

Why did Mercury choose SmartCash solutions for cash & carry? There it is:

  1. accelerated sales speed;
  2. fast billing;
  3. fast collection;
  4. increased control over operational flow;
  5. mobile data collection through mobile inventory terminals, for an accurate record of stocks;
  6. security of recordings and reporting;
  7. business intelligence functions;
  8. e-commerce platform
  9. the possibility to easily organize discounts, promotions, dynamic volume promotions, magazine type campaigns .

Do you also want a cash & carry business equipped with everything it needs to be functional and profitable? Contact us! Magister specialists are at your disposal to configure the store according to your specifics and needs.


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