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Supermarket owners appreciate Magister ECO self-checkout
19 June 2022

Regie deliveries capitalize on the self-checkout trend to increase sales

A new independent supermarket has installed the Magister ECO self-checkout solution, which allows customers to scan their own products and pay quickly with the card, without having to interact with a cashier. Direct Delivery Supermarket is located in the Regie area of Bucharest, close to the university campus, so the flow of buyers consists mainly of dynamic young people, active and late, familiar with technology and early-adopters, including fast payment methods for shopping – more new, including payment by smartphone or cryptocurrency.

Since the beginning of this year, dozens of Magister ECO self-checkout houses have been installed in stores in various parts of the country, and their number is steadily increasing as the classic cash registers are replaced with new ones using this technology. , or new units are opened, of various types and sizes (from independent stores, local supermarkets, to cash & carry or retail networks).

In the context in which the pandemic has accelerated the digitalization, at present, one of the ten cash registers in supermarkets and hypermarkets is self-service, without a cashier. Here, the development of the concept of self-checkout houses has reached the area of independent stores.

The customer opted for the Magister ECO self-checkout solution, in the Livrari Regie supermarket, for three main reasons, based on the business pattern and the store’s non-stop work schedule:

High staff costs

Regr Livrari Supermarket operates non-stop sales. Non-stop shops they have higher labor costs, as night work involves both a pay rise for night shifts and investments in surveillance and security systems.

Therefore, the installation of a self-checkout system contributes both to the reduction of costs and to an optimal operational flow in the store: it serves the buyers and ensures control over the receipts, as well as the execution of transactions correctly and quickly.

Personnel deficit and overnight sales flow

The Magister ECO self-checkout solution can successfully replace the human factor – the cashier. When using the Magister ECO self-checkout house, the buyer instantly becomes their own cashier. Thus, it is possible to ensure the operation of the store with a minimum number of employees and, at the same time, reduce labor costs.

In addition, because the Magister ECO self-checkout solution is smaller than the “classic” one, it saves a lot of space in the supermarket, avoiding congestion, and where there would have been room for only two regular cash registers, for example, enter multiple self-checkout systems.

Fast, secure and modern payments with your card or cryptocurrency

The Magister ECO self-checkout solution accepts conventional payment, bank card or payment with over 30 cryptocurrencies – it supports various crypto wallets, as well as the Binance Pay service. Magister Easy CheckOut systems allow electronic payments made by bank card or cryptocurrency (Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, Tezos, Euro Token), virtual currencies very popular among customers in the Regie area of Bucharest.

In the final stage of the purchase process, the merchant can opt for the security system with opening gates – the exit gate opens only after scanning the barcode on the tax receipt.

Therefore, by implementing the self-checkout system with these payment options, the merchant demonstrates that it adapts to the needs of the buyers, and the store has a competitive advantage.

Supermarket owners appreciate Magister ECO self-checkout

Magister specialists work closely with our retail customers, offering them unique, customized solutions, including for self checkout areas. The Magister ECO self checkout solution integrates its own SmartCash RMS management software solution, modern, modular, ergonomic equipment with various integrated payment systems and friendly interfaces.

Automation of purchasing processes is not necessarily a trend, but is, in fact, the industry’s response to the main challenges currently facing retailers, such as staff shortages, rising payroll costs, customer dissatisfaction due to increased waiting times at conventional homes, counterfeit fraud and many other problems that can be solved through self checkout systems.

Use the new technology to the advantage of your business! Contact us and discuss with Magister specialists how you can increase your efficiency and revenue with the help of the Magister ECO system!


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