Diana Ionescu
The leader of the fiscal equipment market, at the National Magister Conference 2018
23 November 2018

The National Conference of Magister Certified Partners, held between November 16-18, 2018, at Hotel International Sinaia, was also attended by Mr. Velin Ganev, executive director of Danubius Exim and President of the Association of Cash Register Importers in Romania.

Danubius Exim is an exclusive importer of Datecs cash registers and the leader of the Romanian fiscal equipment market, having a major role in the consultative process with state-authorized institutions for elaborating methodological norms in order to implement the new fiscal legislation applicable to all economic operators selling products. services.

In the context of the numerous challenges encountered in this process and especially this year, the Danubius Exim representative sent to the suppliers a call for synergy for the development of the operating system of fiscal equipment, according to the technological trends in retail:

Our history with Magister begins more than 15 years ago. Since then we have started promoting the Magister brand among distributors in the territory […] With the introduction of cash registers with electronic diary, there is already the possibility to introduce smart equipment on the market and to integrate them with cash registers. Not only is the software smart, but the hard drive needs to be smart. We have to go in tandem from now on. I expect that in the next 10-20 years we will have cash registers with artificial intelligence “, said Mr. Velin Ganev.

Here is the full video interview he gave on this occasion:

Prezent si viitor in domeniul echipamentelor fiscale, Velin Ganev,Conferinta Nationala Magister 2018
Prezent si viitor in domeniul echipamentelor fiscale, Velin Ganev,Conferinta Nationala Magister 2018



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