Diana Ionescu
The most effective security and theft prevention tool in stores
29 September 2017

An old popular saying goes that Better safe than bad which in the case of any responsible retail manager would translate into a good selection of some Sistema effective anti-theft in stores designed to reduce the damage caused by intentional theft.

Most merchants who own one or more retail stores involving people, goods and money face the risk of theft, an action that does not take into account the country,  sex or religion and requires a permanent prevention activity from the part of a responsible manager.

Electronic Anti-Theft Systems are already widely used, especially in retail, in stores of all sizes because they offer a multitude of functions, giving each trader the opportunity to choose exactly the solution he needs. Whether it’s a supermarket, or an elegant-elitist mini-market looking for a system that fits perfectly into its interior and style, technology Electronic Surveillance Articles the basis of anti-theft gates or anti-theft labels ensures electronic surveillance of items and has proven to be the most effective tool for security and theft prevention.

Systems anti-theft ports protects the area between two antennas by triggering an alarm with an audible and light signal when an unpaid product passes between the two antennas. The advantage of these anti-theft systems, provided with one or two antennas, is also the fact that the system can be chosen depending on the type and design of the store but also depending on the place where they are located in the store.

The system designed to be located at the entrance / exit of stores or in the immediate vicinity of cash registers, communicates with flexible or detachable anti-theft labels, applied depending on the type of product, on its surface or even on the packaging. Products such as clothing, footwear, beverages, food, books, can be protected by a diverse range of detachable and self-adhesive labels.

The difference between anti-theft labels flexible and anti-theft labels is that flexible anti-theft labels are glued to products, detachable anti-theft labels are attached to products using a Pine tree anti-theft. Flexible anti-theft labels are consumable (they remain on the product in the deactivated state after sale) and detachable anti-theft labels are reusable (they are removed at the time of sale of the product).

Flexible and detachable labels are the most effective solution for protecting exposed goods. Besides the technical innovation of the anti-theft systems, they also have low costs, so that every trader who owns a store, regardless of its size, has the possibility to install this system.

Depending on the type of labels, when the products are paid, they are used deactivators or detachers placed on the table for the cash register. The paid product is then passed over the device that deactivates the label, thus avoiding the alarm when the product passes through the anti-theft gates.

A store without an active security system must incur continuous losses. The safest way to deter thieves is to have a deterrent system that offers a wide variety of anti-theft solutions of various types, which protect the stock of goods during operation.


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