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The new version of SmartCash POS with technical working specifications recommended by ANAF
31 May 2017

Recently, the National Agency for Fiscal Administration, after a long period of consultation with the profile industry, announced that the procedures for connecting the new cash registers to the ANAF server are completed. Although the deadline for implementing the new system has been extended to July 1, 2019, Magister Software is already adapting its products and services to support merchants in the mandatory transition to electronic cash registers, under the new law.

The SmartCash RMS 2017 software platform is available this month, in a new version, being prepared for the technical working specifications, recommended by ANAF.

The SmartCash POS application, responsible for fiscal integration, reached version 6, brings important news, such as:

  • It integrates for the first time, two new models of IP fiscal printers, ready for rapid adaptation to the new fiscal legislation. It is about the entry-level Athlos VWS model, an all-in-one solution that includes the customer display, intended for small or medium-sized stores, with a voucher width of 57mm and the high-end model, FMC Epson TMT810 based on an Epson chassis, with a print width of 80mm for aggressive work environments. It should be noted that both models are manufactured entirely in Romania, benefiting from ultramodern online communication functions;
  • Important optimizations of the code compared to the previous version, in order to make better use of computing resources, given that many processes of data synchronization with ANAF are to take place in the background, in real time;
  • The operation of touchscreen interfaces has been improved to better cover the current range of terminals with capacitive sensors and high sensitivity;
  • New themes and skins under the title, SmartCash Aniversary.

What’s new in version 6.0 SmartCash POS is presented in detail in this video tutorial .


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