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Together we write history in modern retail in Romania
13 December 2018

As every year, the meeting with certified partners from all over the country gave us the opportunity to share our experience and learn from others, to find out new perspectives and to keep up to date with news from various niches of the retail solutions market. .

This time, at the National Magister Conference 2018, held on the weekend of November 16-18 this year at the International Hotel in Sinaia, we highlighted the suppliers of fiscal equipment, those who carried the burden this year, in the context of implementing the new fiscal legislation, which provides for the replacement of all cash registers with new models, with electronic diary. We have been teaming up for years to provide retailers with complete hardware and software solutions, and we are pleased to see that the challenges have become opportunities for improvement and development.

During the 16 years of activity in the field of retail solutions for Romanian retailers, we have witnessed multiple changes and challenges, from the disappearance of some brands, to the development of chains of local retailers, with tens and hundreds of stores, sign that as competition grows, so does the market. Of course, solution providers in this field must not only keep up, but even support the development of trade through their own products, services and projects. From one year to the next, more and more retailers are choosing to grow their businesses with high-performance solutions that put technology in support of retailers and consumers – proof that integration between solutions pays off.

We are witnessing more and more successful partnerships on the Romanian retail market. Thanks to new implementations and growing results from one year to the next, with the support of the national network of Magister certified partners, we have become the market leader in specialized retail solution providers. SmartCash RMS is the most widespread retail software platform in Romania and the main choice of merchants, especially those eager to consolidate and develop their business.

We, the Magister “family”, have shown that, united, we can act congruently and use synergies to everyone’s advantage. Together we write history in modern retail in Romania. Dor Bujor Padureanu, General Manager of Magister Software, summarized in a short video interview the mission and corporate vision of the company:

Conferinta Nationala Magister 2018

Conferinta Nationala Magister 2018

We thank all the partners who participated in the event, despite the extremely demanding period they are going through. See you in 2019!


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