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Upgrade SmartCash 360
21 April 2021

Launched during the event Expo Shop – Future Retail Solutions 2018, at an extremely attractive price, of only 360 Lei, SmartCash 360, the promotional software package, with a set of functionalities necessary for shops, restaurants or cafes, allowed the commissioning of a small store or a cafe in just a few minutes, without complicated configurations and without the need for extensive operating procedures.

The promotion was valid between May 16, 2018 – May 15, 2019, being available only under the conditions of purchase together with a new cash register at a price.

At the end of the campaign, as stipulated in Regulation Magister recognizes the right of users to upgrade to newer versions, setting out the conditions under which it may take place.

To access the latest version of SmartCash RMS to connect cash registers fiscal electronics to the national computer system for surveillance and monitoring of fiscal data of ANAF, it is mandatory to upgrade the programs to the latest version of SmartCash RMS in order to have access to the newly introduced synchronization functions.

In the case of the SmartCash 360 promotional package, the SmartCash RMS licenses available for updating, which are closest to the original functionalities (offering of course a series of additional functionalities) are: SmartCash POS Standard version for the sales program and SmartCash Shop Standard version for the backoffice program.

Of course, retailers can opt for any of the current versions of SmartCash RMS programs if they want to implement new processes in their stores. A comparative list of all available versions can be consulted here .

As established by regulations , the update price is calculated as the difference between the current list price of the new licenses (OEM or Business distribution) and the fixed price of 360 Lei for the sale of SmartCash 360 packages.

For details we invite you to use with confidence our chat service, or the contact form available on this page. You can also contact us using any of the available channels here .


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