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What SmartCash user retailers have learned at Magister Summer School 2017
31 May 2017

The sixth edition of the Magister Summer School – the only initiative on the market of software solutions for retail in Romania has come to an end. Offered free of charge to SmartCash users, the workshops took place, as usual, every Friday in August and attracted over 50 participants.

During the four days, during the free workshops, the retailers present had the opportunity to improve their knowledge of using SmartCash RMS programs and to keep up to date with the news implemented in the platform. Also, the retailers shared their experiences regarding the use of the platform in different fields of activity.

The workshops at Magister Summer School 2017 began with the presentation of the two new models of smart tax printers, Athlos and Epson, already prepared for the new tax legislation and now available together with the SmartCash POS version 6 program. During the presentation, SmartCash consultants focused on the operations of issuing tax receipts from the SmartCash POS application, detailing the formats for displaying data on the receipt, functionalities for interrupting the tax receipt, etc.

Among the topics addressed at the Magister Summer School 2017, meant to help participants in streamlining their daily retail activities, are:

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  • managing supply orders in a planned manner;
  • managing the gratuities received from suppliers in the process of receiving goods;
  • the functionalities for the online sales sites, available in the SmartCash Shop application;
  • cancellation of wholesale invoices;
  • the possibility of issuing discount invoices.


Lyoness partners also presented to retailers the benefits of loyalty and marketing programs through innovative discount and cash-back tools, such as those offered by the integration between the SmartCash RMS software platform and the network of stores integrated in the Lyoness system.

Here are some messages they sent us at the end of the event:


We have been using SmartCash for two years. It is a fairly easy program to use, I always discover something new. It is useful for me to find out the stocks, to place orders; that’s how I know for each product exactly when it came in and when it went out of business. “

Alexandru Balanescu, cash & carry manager, AUTO IMPEX PRIMA, prednisone glaucoma cats . SmartCash user since 2005

“A good solution, at an ok price.”

Daniela Mocanu-Arbi, PRONTO MOBILE store manager

“SmartCash helps me with orders, receptions, transfers, reports, etc. Practically everything related to back-office.”

Ionut Marineata, accountant, AURA & RARES

“SmartCash helps us control sales and inventory more easily.”

Gabriela Catalina Costache, database operator, IMPEX CRISTIM SRL (company from CRIS-TIM group)

“We chose SmartCash for the correct management of stocks in stores. The most used functions are the management of goods documents, goods transfer between stores, price changes, supplier return, customer card”

Florin Tifrea, chief accountant, INDUSTRY TRANSILVAN SRL – Gheorgheni

“For us, the most useful SmartCash function is to export databases”

Magister Summer School will return in August 2018, with the seventh edition of free seminars dedicated to SmartCash users. Until then, they can ask questions or suggestions and propose topics for discussion on the forum www.smartcash.ro . For specialized trainings in stores or head office, please contact us by e-mail office@magister.roA� or telephone 031.821.01.50

What are your expectations from the Magister Summer School and from SmartCash solutions, we look forward to your messages!

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